New Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer is Pure Fan Service!


Characters finally interact, Luke speaks and Han Solo appears in the most joyous Star Wars teaser of all-time

Every time I think I’m immune to the gravitational pull of Star Wars, Lucasfilm officially makes me look like an asshole. And today’s Star Wars Celebration kickoff panel concluded with a fucking doozy! Get ready, Age of Ultron. It’s Star Wars’ turn to BREAK THE INTERNET:

A million times more so than the previous Force Awakens teaser, this trailer had my fat ass doing cartwheels. Right when I was about to bash the opening shot for being to similar to the opening of Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, BOOM:

Dat wreckage

I could go on forever about the contents of this wonderful sizzle, the practical effects on display, etc., but I’m working ferociously on some other Star Wars related stuff, so I must run for now. [UPDATE: Best of Star Wars Force Awakens Panel recap video is complete and embedded below!] Check out the choice screengrabs below, or grab yourself some Star Wars Marvel comic Wallpapers.

21 thoughts on “New Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer is Pure Fan Service!

  1. GODDAMN YES! Thanks Chris! I just got some great news today and now came home to find this.

    1. The rumour/spoiler is that he’s a collector of Jedi and Sith artifacts, so he’s the one holding Darth Vader’s burnt helmet. He also recovered the mask of Revan and wears it. Supposedly, it could be a coincidence… but they do look very alike.

  2. Fan Service more like Fan-tastic Service! Seriously thought, I loved this trailer had to watch the stream at 140p just so it wouldn’t stutter but even with that low pixel count that trailer was awesome.

  3. my skin tingled when I saw the star destroyer wreckage and I full on peed my pants when the had a dog chase through it.
    I don’t even care about the Solo reveal, men! they got me with that shot of a crashed out star destroyer! and… and is that Luke wearing Vador like armor in his old age?! that would be soooocooool!
    I haven’t been this excited for star wars in a VERY long time!

  4. Already looking better than all three prequels combined, I’m hoping Abram’s can pull this off, I’m almost more excited for this than I am for Age of Ultron.

    Biggest question I’m going to have is how do they explain the empire still existing after Return of the Jedi. I will also be extremely disappointed if they have another Death Star.

  5. I realize this could just be my practical effects fetish but I love that shot of the TIE Fighter firing upon the hanger. I could be wrong but I think that’s a full size prop; not even CG or a model. That really excites me; as much as I respect the advances of CG I’m so happy to see studios try and push the limits of practical effects.

  6. God damn that trailer was so friggin’ cool! I love everything about it… especially how crisp and detailed everything looks (probably helped incredibly by actually being real for the most part). Stormtroopers have never looked so good.

  7. I’m so damn glad we are getting the sequels now. The thought of seeing Han Solo and Luke on this big screen without having to worry about George’s ham fisted dialogue and direction…….so damn good.
    Luckily, we can just throw those stupid prequels away without giving them a second thought.

  8. I think it’s completely possible for the Empire to still be kicking around even after the Death Star II was destroyed. Remember, it took everything the Rebellion had to knock that Space Station out of existence, so it’s entirely possible that the Empire would be able to gather its desperate forces enough to reassert their power.

    So stoked for this movie, I definitely cried a little at the end

  9. I can’t believe how excited I am for this movie. It may be fan service, but it is hitting me in all the right spots.

  10. So is this technically a sequel to the Star Wars: Christmas Special? Why doesn’t it say “Coming Life Day 2015” ? Fucking Star Wars having the audacity to make me care about Star Wars again.

  11. My god! My anticipation for this is almost equal to the new Rambo film. Shit, until they Release a trailer for Last Blood, this is my most anticipated film of the year! JESSUS CHRIST; Harrison still has it!

  12. So much, SO MUCH to speculate about – I don’t even know where to begin!
    The one thing I’ll gush about is, god damn, John Williams, man.. He can bring out my tears and beaming smile any day.

  13. Jeez, the music peaking as the X-Wings fly by, wow! This is finally happening! I still have newspaper clippings from around 2006 about rumours of a sequel trilogy–to see my childhood dream forming just how I wanted, Disney does good work.

  14. On a somewhat related note. Did anyone else buy the digital versions and think the opening sounds weird w/o the 20th Century Fox fanfare before it? To me, that was always just part of the score.

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