Watch The Batman vs. Superman Trailer – Now It’s Official!


Poor PR people and film directors. You plan out a nice, hype-worthy trailer premiere, tease it out over a series of days and then BOOM! Some jerk films it with a cell phone and leaks it to the whole internet. Such is the case with Batman vs. Superman, a slightly blurry trailer you can watch right now (until Warner takes it down) UPDATE: Now Warner Bros. has given in and made the official version live early.

Immediate thoughts:

– Seems like they actually are following up on people being scared of Supes after killing Zod’
– I love seeing Kal doing feats of strength
– LOTS more Superman as Jesus stuff
– They hired Jeremy Irons because he’s great at monologues
– Does Bruce have a secret ability to blur film?

– Batman is Frank Miller hardcore
– That’s literally his Dark Knight Returns cyber armor
– Zack Snyder sure loves Miller’s Batman, as if that wasn’t obvious
– I hope Snyder treats Supes a little better than Miller did

– Very dark and gloomy, which at least fits better for a film co-starring Bats
– No gravelly Bale voice this time
– How do they fit Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Lex Luthor into all of that?


What are you thinking after seeing that? More excited for it’s arrival in 2016? Depressed by Synder’s oppressive darkness? Happy there’s no Whedon-esque quips? Tell it all in the comments! Also, ┬ábe sure to check all those Batman/Superman Amazon suggestions below!!!

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46 thoughts on “Watch The Batman vs. Superman Trailer – Now It’s Official!

  1. I find it really hard to care about the DC Cinematic Universe because it doesn’t touch on what I love about the DC Universe. DC’s animated products have managed to make characters with extreme power and clear morality be parts of excellent stories. As time goes forward, I like Frank Miller’s stories less and less (although I acknowledge they had valuable influence), and I really don’t want to watch more washed out movies.

    1. My thoughts exactly. The fact that this is taking wholesale from DKR makes me less interested, especially given DKR’s Superman and how Nolan already borrowed a fair bit from that story in presumably more interesting ways.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m hot off the heels of the new Star Wars trailer or maybe that this was shot off a phone or something but this didn’t really do much for me. I’ll watch it again when it comes out for real on Monday to be sure.

  3. I know its a Batman film cause the credits told me so but it just didn’t feel like one. Not sure why but it just doesnt feel like a real Batman film and more like a fan film. I dunno. Need to see more before I judge so for now I will think positive and the Dark Knight Returns armor does look great and accurate.

    1. Watched the official version six more times and I am coming on board. Now that I could properly see Ben brooding and staring at the Bat costume and hear Jeramy Irons being Jeramy Irons as fuck, which is ways legit. Also in the intro was that Jodi Fosters voice?

  4. Looks amazing. I can’t believe it, even Hank seems positive on it! That fucking Bat Armor!

  5. At the very least they’re being consistent with Man of Steel. The extreme reactions the public seems to have about the existence of Superman fall in line with Costner Pa Kent’s fears and subsequent actions throughout that first movie. Sorta, that Tornado scene…screw that. Also, I know they’re not the first to do the Jesus comparisons but it always makes me laugh considering Superman was created by two Jewish guys.

  6. The last thing this movie needs is to show any signs of Whedon/Marvel. I love both companies, I really do, but I hate the people who claim DC doesn’t know what they’re doing because they don’t follow Marvel’s formula. If they do that and add post credits scenes, those same people will be criticizing it for copying Marvel. That being said, I’m going into this movie more excited than for any other movie before. Arguably the two most famous superheroes of all time are going to duke it out on the big screen, making it, IMO, the most important superhero film to date. (Other contenders that have that potential: Infinity War 1&2, and Justice League)

  7. I have a lot more faith in this now that Goyer’s stink has been mitigated. Hoping we get to see some Cyborg or Aquaman teasers before the movie is out.

  8. I liked how the gloomy viewpoint was from Batman, after the events of man of steel. I don’t know, maybe they can pull it off if its handled right.

  9. I really didn’t enjoy this trailer… I like that they’re addressing the fact that Superman is a killer, but I really don’t like that Batman’s immediate thought seems to be to kill him. That “do you bleed? you will” line is really god awful and the bat voice sounds modulated to hell. I won’t judge the movie too much based off this trailer, but a teaser trailer is supposed to get me hyped and this did nothing for me… my username has batman in and I’m barely even interested…

  10. Alternate story lines; Dark Knight vs. Man of Steel…I can’t wait to see what comes of it! As Wiki-Paraz would say, “I can’t allow myself to hate it, until I have played it.” That is the way I feel. I can’t wait to see it, and make my own opinion of whether it is awesome or something else that is the antonym of awesome.

    1. And it did and I watched it. I liked it.

      Looking forward to March 25, 2016. No one is going to make me feel differently about watching a film with Batman and Superman. Its Batman and Superman.

  11. weird this came from brazil, and cool trailer dont realy dig the actual batman v sups but Im down to see how the fight will look

  12. I want to know who was doing the various voiceovers before Jeremy Siron. Was Lex Luthor one of them?

    Absolutely can’t wait. Blurry footage jazzed me more than two Star Wars teasers, and I’m equally as big a Star Wars fan as I am a DC geek. They really seem to be going for an almost Injustice-like vibe. Very Miller though of course. Definitely my most anticipated film.

    1. The “Devils don’t come from Hell beneath us…” line sounded slightly Eisenbergish to me.

  13. At this point I’ll remain hopefully optimistic and I’m still planning on seeing this when it releases but so far it hasn’t done much to get me excited.

    I don’t read DC comics so I don’t know if there is a story line this movie is using so forgive me if I missed something. But I still don’t get the premise of why two good guys and historic allies in the DC comics/animated films turn into enemies. I think that’s my main issue with this film, instead of having a real villain they are just fighting each other? I’m assuming/hoping at this point that the two acts of the film will be Bats v Superman and then the last act will be them figuring out there is a greater threat (hopefully Lex) that they have to deal with. I still don’t see where the rest of the Justice League is going to fit in but I have a feeling that the original intent of the film was just bats vs superman and they are just throwing in the Justice League to build out their own DCCU.

    1. If anything I think that Man of Steel 2 was the original intent, and that turned into Bat v Supes/Justice League. And, besides, these hero teams always start with every hero as enemies (see: comics or The Avengers). It’s a setup for JL and there’s no word on more villains yet. Plus, it’s not like Thor was much more than a glorified prologue to Avengers.

  14. This shows nothing. I can’t make an informed decision based on something this early / a CAM video. Still too early to tell.

    Removed from Snyder (who I am an apologist for), worries about Affleck, the desperate “me-too” attitude surrounding the DCU, and continued obsession with referencing The Dark Knight Returns, the main hope that I have for BvS is that it’s being written by Chris Terrio, who wrote Argo. This is the biggest deal. Think about Batman Begins and Dark Knight Rises, both very Goyer-heavy films, it was Dark Knight where he only got a story credit, the screenplay almost entirely handled by Jonathan Nolan.

    This is the situation we’re in with BvS — Snyder battling past the MoS “make sure there’s a money shot where Superman punches the bad guy through a god-darn building!” mandate from the studio, and an actual writer attached to give Affleck something real to work with.

    The trailer is bad. It is a bad trailer and it is bad marketing. I also don’t think its badness is an indication of what we should expect.

  15. Up until now I’ve been pretty indifferent about this movie. Probably because the release date always seemed SOOO far away. But now Im really looking forward to it. Seeing the Dark Knight Returns armor definitely peaked my interest.

  16. Sorry, to busy watching the Millennium Falcon fly around to John Williams music, I will check back in 2016.

  17. I know that it was due on Monday but how in the hell hasn’t WB already released the trailer considering that this was leaked? For shame!

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see people complain about it even though this is following the so-so Ant-Man trailer released this week. I swear I can’t understand nerd folk anymore.

    1. People like Marvel, but I like Edgar Wright more (A LOT MORE).

      Also, I like the BvS and Star Wars trailer, but didn’t like the Ant-Man trailer.

    2. Because no one gives a shit about Ant-Man, but care a lot about Batman V Superman and Star Wars.

      Ant-Man will be the first Marvel movie I can say I will definitely not see in theaters, good or not. I just don’t care enough.

      Batman V Superman though I fully intend to take a day off work to see. And I can’t remember the last time I did that for a movie. I’ve done it for games, but movies? Not for a good long time.

  18. I’m confused… there was supposed to be a special reveal for this? when? why? just put it out there and stop being silly Hollywood.
    that being said, it looks okay. VERY frank miller, DK, and I guess that’s fine but it doesn’t excite me. I like the whole idea of people looking at supes and going “uh no alien man from space, you CAN’T have free roam of our world.” Led Luthor should be and I hope he is the most paranoid about this.

  19. As a DC fan, I realize I’m something of a Lasertime rarity, but I think this looks fantastic. How can anyone hear the last line in the trailer and not think this is going to kick serious ass? AlsoZackSnyder’sWatchmenwasgreatthanksbye.

    1. DC fan here too. I last saw Watchmen about 4-5 years ago (the Ultimate cut) and I still enjoy it. I believe if Watchmen was released today, it would be praised for being something unique and totally different compared to the films released by Marvel.

      Also, can’t wait for March 2016.

      1. What bugs me is that a lot of Marvel fans seem to think that there isn’t room for more than one tone in these different universes. If this had the exact same feel as the MCU, people would likely be complaining that DC is just trying to copy that style.

    2. Hello, DC fan here too. Hi guys! I can’t wait.

      Watchmen I really enjoyed, I think that movie gets flak for silly minor reasons. 300 I also liked – it was a very straightforward movie, but it was a good adaptation of the source material. Wasn’t Snyder’s, but I loved V For Vendetta. Why does no one seem to like that film?!

  20. I really wish I liked this more than I do. What makes the Superman/Batman dynamic great is their contrast. I know it’s just a trailer, but I like my Superman to be a little more “Big Blue Boyscout” than they have shown him so for in MOS and now in this trailer.

    Batman seems OK in a DKR kind of way, but DKR is more of an ending, not a beginning, so I will be interested to see how they adapt it.

    I really did not like that “do you bleed line” seems like they are trying too hard to be gritty and it is coming off focred.

    They probably should have waited until the Star Wars trailer was a little further away since it kinda gets hurt by the comparison.

  21. It’s weird for an old TDKR showdown BEFORE the formation of the Justice League, but sure, something different, looks good! 2 things, who’s the mob of people in skull makeup, and @ 0:49 could that be Aquaman? (only basing that off his weird clothes and long black hair)

    and yeah, I’d be a lot more excited if Star Wars wasn’t between it.

  22. Same thing I said about Fant4stic: This is a dark, grimey, blurry mess. It doesn’t look like anything, it’s just a sad, childish claw at being cool.
    This looks like a trailer for The Punisher, or Spawn or something.

    I’m a guy who likes movies, and I like superheroes!

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