Rage of Ultron iOS Wallpapers, Just Because


Avengers 2 is on the horizon, I’m reading Rick Remender’s Rage of Ultron…

Seriously, I’d rather just bury my face in ever the worst Avengers comic right now than endure what appears to be 60% of Age of Ultron Marvel Studios is releasing online this month before any of us can legally pay them to see the movie. I can’t see those clipse. I’m reading. Not head over heels in love with Rage of Ultron, and there are some ultra-minor spoilers in the smartphone wallpapers below, but this is an experiment with a new book so let’s see how this goes. Normally I make iOS wallpapers for myself, have been for years, and occasionally I share them with you guys because what the fuck else am I supposed to do. This is the only time I’ve done it for the sake of a weekend feature and I wish it was something I liked more. Bear in mind that I’m not done with Rage of Ultron, but I’d still recommend Black Science first any damned day of the week. Again, super minor spoilers, bitches.

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3 thoughts on “Rage of Ultron iOS Wallpapers, Just Because

  1. Thanks Chris! I know you think we don’t appreciate the effort, but personally I saved every one of these backgrounds. 😛

  2. I guess it’s time to switch from Daredevil to Ultron! Thanks, Chris! I rely solely on LT for new phone wallpapers!

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