Henry Gilbert Has Important News (And Also Avengers Commentaries)


As you may have read today, I’ve left my old place of employment. It was an amicable exit, I wish nothing but the best for everyone there, and you can read my farewell to GamesRadar over there. However, THIS personal update is to let you know that you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of me here on Laser Time. And if you wanted to help me during this transition, let me tell you how…

As I hope you know, I’ve been recording many, many podcasts here at Laser Time, including my beloved Cape Crisis. I’ve been supporting everyone with their shows, and they’ve supported me even more with mine, and I’ll be expanding that commitment from now on. You may have noticed I’ve posted a few news stories over the weekend, and with my newfound free time, it means you’ll be seeing more like that. I’ll be on streams, on podcasts, making posts for the site, and figuring out how best to help Chris make this the best site it can be.

Now, this transition isn’t the easiest, and if you’d like to help me immediately and directly, there’s a VERY easy way to do this on the Laser Time Bandcamp page. Over the weekend, me and Cape Crisis co-hosts Chris, Brett, and Dave all recorded a couple exciting comic movie commentary tracks. As Age of Ultron is nearly here, we decided to make some fun new commentaries for both The Avengers and Iron Man 3. You were going to rewatch these again anyway in the run up to Age of Ultron, so why not enjoy them along with the Laser Time crew? We can all prepare for Phase 3 together!

You can purchase each of the commentary tracks on the Laser Time Bandcamp page for as low as $1.99 apiece (with the option to pay more). Buying those or any of the other tracks on the Bandcamp store will really help me out in the short term and I’d greatly appreciated it during this transitional period. They’re all great, but if you’re looking for suggestions, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Godzilla ’98, and Nightmare on Elm Street 2 are great place to start.

Now, I’m very aware that the just ended (and very helpful) IRL commentary drive was the final such commentary set for the site. That is totally true, and this is an entirely separate thing that’s all on me. Apologies for this is coming on short notice, but these types of things can be really sudden. And this is a smaller situation than the last one. These are merely two new commentary tracks that I think the Cape Crisis and general Laser Time audience will really enjoy as Age of Ultron approaches. And if you want to give them a listen and buy them in the next few weeks, it would REALLY help me. But I understand if you can’t at the moment. That’s fine too, honest.

However you feel about those commentaries (or me in general), I’ll definitely be around a lot more on LT in the future – and seriously, follow me on Twitter if you’ve yet to do that. I appreciate all your thoughts and well wishes at this time. As Dr. Manhattan says “Nothing ever ends.”

63 thoughts on “Henry Gilbert Has Important News (And Also Avengers Commentaries)

  1. I listened to Cape Crisis #133 today, and the ending made me think either Henry was seriously ill or Brett was leaving the country. Glad it’s neither.

    I hope everything works out! – and I’ll probably buy a commentary or two to support you on this.

  2. HANK! We love you, buddy. I’m glad to hear that your departure from GR was a good one, and if it works for you, then I think I speak for most of us when I say that I’m THRILLED it will mean more H-E-N-E-R-E-Y-G on lasertimepodcast.com! I really hope this means the site can grow into the beautiful pop-culture beast it deserves to be! Cape Crisis will be the go-to source for Comics Discussion, and maybe, just maybe, LaserTime can become the internet’s THIRD leading pop-culture podcast.
    I’ll be buying the commentaries tonight, and listening(in headphones) as I watch the movies with my son this week.
    ALL THE LOVE, Hank, to you & the LaserTime crew. Thanks for all the funny, you will always have my support, guys!

  3. Big news! I’ll happily donate for the commentaries and to help you out, Henry! Been a big fan of you guys since the TDar days and since I’ve listened to every Cape Crisis from the beginning I feel more than happy to try and help out in whatever small ways I can! Plus, I always love the movie talk on Cape Crisis, so hearing a 2 hour special for each sounds like an absolute pleasure. Hope this transition time goes well!

  4. Cape Crisis is my favorite show on the Network, so I’ll gladly support this! Sorry to see you go from GR, Hank, and here’s hoping for the best in your future!

  5. Funny, I was just thinking the other day about how long you’ve been at Radar. Have fun living the NEET life, Hank. Speaking of the commentaries proper, is there any chance we’ll see the same done for the other MCU films?

      1. I’d be especially interested to hear ones on Iron Man 1 and Incredible Hulk, since I believe Iron Man 1 predated even TDar and Incredible Hulk didn’t get a lot of talk in those early episodes. But really, I’d listen to a commentary for every MCU movie.

  6. Holy crap, big news! I don’t go on GR as much as I used to, so it’ll be nice to hear you on the podcast more and see you post around here. Best of luck with the transition!

  7. I wish you nothing but the best Henry. I’ll miss you on the GR podcast, but they’ve got a good team over there. I’ll pick up those commentaries for sure.

  8. Awesome to know there’ll be more of you around Henry. Can’t wait to possibly hear you on Vidjagame Apocalypse now that it’s not an awful extension of what you already did all day.

  9. Well that’s payday treat sorted (well day after pay day anyway, pay day will be seeing Ultron – less than 48hrs, go Britto’s).

    I was concerned at the end of Cape Crisis considering some of the more sombre statements recently regarding finances but glad it’s not you guys shutting down, will be great to see more articles from you on here too Henry (commiserations for employment changes though, whatever the reasons). Yourself (Henry) and the rest of the Lasertime crew are the reason for my comic revival and the 400+ purchases from Comixology these last two years and I couldn’t be happier about it.

    Thanks for all the work so far and look forward to more out put going forward.

    – Stuart

  10. Now I have another reason to check Lasertime everyday. I’ll support you guys in everything you do. I really love the commentaries, so I do not want to see them end. There is a pretty big movie coming out in December that could have 6 commentaries from you guys I would gladly pay for.

    Good luck!

  11. I wish you and Lasertime the best Henry. I’ve been following y’all since Talkradar 42 and I’m not going anywhere. I’ve already bought the new commentaries and I can’t wait to listen to them. I’m very excited to hear more of you on the lasertime network.

  12. Well this explains the dire ending of the last Cape Crisis.
    Happy for more commentaries but sad to hear about the unemployment.
    I have to admit I wasn’t really going to GR much anymore but I did poke in every so often to read a Henry article (the interview with Kenny Omega was tops).
    Hank, I’ll follow you and the rest of the LT crew to the ends of the earth if that’s where the road leads.

  13. yay my fav Lasertimer is now a full timer (im so happy) i think i love you henry

    ive got some ad time on another podcast any chance you could do a quick 20 second ad for lasertime for me? its a pokemon podcast

    hopefully it will get you guys lots more listeners

  14. We all love ya Hank, having more of you on this site can only be a good thing. The commentaries are an awesome bonus too.

  15. Happy for you Hank! From talking about Superman’s (non-existent?) butt hole to Avengers 2! You’ve come a long way and gained so many fans and made so many people happy every step of the way!

  16. Good luck, Henry. I hope to see a lot more stuff from you despite you not being at Games Radar anymore.

    I don’t really care for commentaries, but I can still support by donating directly. It’ll take some time for me to gather up extra funds though.

  17. Just bought the two commentaries, can’t wait to listen, especially to the Avengers one before next weekend. I hadn’t even gotten around to listening to the IRL pack yet but these take priority now.

    Good luck in the future Henry! I’m sorry to see you go from GR after such a long time but I’m really glad that you’ll be able to appear on more podcasts and hopefully we’ll get to hear you on VGA now.

  18. So, the last bastion of the good gamesradar crew has fallen… What a shame.

    Hope you get to see better times ahead Henry! And I will definitely be helping out! Specially because making commentaries for some of the best MCU movies so far is a fantastic idea.

    So, I wish you the best man! And hopefully we can expect more commentaries for the rest of the MCU?

  19. Bought and done.

    Sorry to hear you left GamesRadar Henry but glad it was amicable. Was it the delay to Legend of Zelda Wii U that finished you off? I wondered why RadioRadar was now on hiatus once again. And we never did find that missing 100th episode too…

  20. I don’t visit GR anymore but if I did that would have been the last straw. It was not very surprising to hear Chris verify what most of us suspected about how GR went “corporate”. GR was a creative force when I first started visiting the site and it was one I clicked on multiple times a day. Sadly, when they started picking up enough steam for the big wigs to take notice, that was also a ringing of the creativity death knell. The GR of today bears no resemblance to my once favorite site.
    Oh well, I’m just glad Henry is going to go to take part in hopefully bigger and better things. Congrats Henry!

  21. You’ve taught me a lot about life over the years Henry.
    I can’t wait to support you in your new adventures. Good luck!

  22. Congrats Henry! Sadly, GR is done for me too, but this should be much better for all of us.

    On a related note, are there any plans for a Laser Time Patreon? If not, I’ll donate through the other means, but that’s something I’d be seriously interested in investing in!

  23. I wanted to re-post this here in case Henry didn’t see it on the GR website:

    Henry, GR will be a different place without you. The last of the original Talkradar crew is now gone, and an age and movement has finally come to an end. Thank you for all you’ve done on this website and other places, and I wish you success (however you define it) with all your future endeavors. You certainly deserve it.

    I urge anyone here who has ever had a smile or thought provoked by anything Henry has written or podcasted to go check out lasertime.com. His comicbook podcast Cape Crisis literally renewed my interest in the medium and now I consider it one of my primary hobbies.

  24. Yo Henerey, I’ve been reading your stuff, and listening to you on podcasts for years now, and i wish you all the best in the future. You’ve added a lot to whatever website you’ve worked on, and I don’t know if you have another job lined up, or if you’re throwing yourself full time into podcasting, but I’m sure you’ll do great at it.

  25. I wouldn’t mind watching every Marvel movie with the LaserTime crew. Weird that I was just thinking how it seemed like Henry should have left GR by now (I don’t know why, seems like kind of a callous on my part). Love yah Hank, keep on keeping on keep keeping.

    Any chance the GR-UK staff can all move into Chris’ apartment too so we can get 24hr. Commentaries/Podcast from The Official Website of the Internet, LaserTimePodcast.com?

  26. Yis. MoreHenryContent! I liked the Twitch streams hopefully we can get another night of streams here at Lasertime Stream.

  27. Sorry to hear you left GR Henry. You should see if you can’t land over at USgamer…..If you are still interested in writing about games that is. Seems like all the cool kids that know their stuff have found a nice little niche over there.
    Anyways good luck and I look forward to hearing and seeing more of you on LT.

  28. You’re the one I always look forward to hearing from the most of the LaserTime team.
    Glad to hear this news and hope you’re successful in everything you do.

  29. I hope you can now focus on what makes you happy and further expand on what makes this network so awesome! I will donate for sure and maybe think about an app for the site in the near future.

  30. Wow, the your GR departure was a bit of a shock. I wish you the best of luck, Hank, and I look forward to seeing you more on LT. Can’t wait to listen to the commentaries.

  31. Best of luck Henry! Although you won’t need it, because nothing can stop Hank the motherfuckin Tank! Can’t wait to listen to the commentaries!

  32. Been busy with life but just remembered to visit the site. Hope you’re going on to bigger and better things, and just got the Avengers commentary

  33. Henry, I’ve absolutely loved seeing you grow as both a writer and an awesome human being. I’ve seen you hone your writing from the early days as an intern, and you’ve shared some personal stories/revelations with us.

    I don’t mean to sound like a parent – but I’m super proud of you! I’m also super excited to see what’s next for you! Remember, no matter where you end up, you’re an asset they should cherish.

    I can’t wait to what you have in store for LT and Cape Crisis! Maybe even some appearances on VJA? You’ll need a venue to talk games now!

    Got a lot of love and respect for you! <3

  34. Man I’m starting to wish LaserTime had a real website so I could track down these audio commentaries later.

  35. Good luck, Henry! You guys got me back into comics with this podcast, and I’m now having a great time with the new Ms. Marvel run. Thanks for hooking me at GamesRadar, and good luck in the future!

  36. You’ve been future-endeavored?

    I’d say that marks the real end of original GamesRadar for me. Shame but I really do hope you pick up soon and we all look forward to what you’re going to bring.

  37. I loved visiting Gamesradar when I discovered it around 2010, Talkradar and Top 7s were my highlights of the week for a long time until the 198th episode.

    As my favorite editors left one by one the site has been less and less enjoyable, although the radioradar was a decent podcast, I feel nothing will ever replace the perfect chemistry that talkradar had.

    I really feel the original staff (Brett, Chris, Charlie, Mikel, Hank, Matt the UK guys, Dave, Dave, Matt, Justin and I guess some others I failed to mention sorry) really made GR what it was. It feels really generic and unremarkable today. Although I really liked whenever Ashley had anything to say.


    Best of luck to you Hank and Im looking forward to your work here!

  38. This is fantastic news. More Hank is always a good thing, and I look forward to seeing you on the twitch streams.

    1. Chris & Mikel are unemployed currently, Brett works at Capcom, Michael Grimm works at Wikia, Tyler Wilde still works at PC Gamer, I’m unsure of Carolyn, Lizzie works at Zynga (I believe), and I’m unsure about Charlie, Cheryl and miscellaneous other guests & hosts.

  39. Best of luck to your future, Henry.

    And looking forward to reading all the future articles and news you post here on LaserTime.

  40. Yes, more Henry on lasertime. I too feel like this is the end of an era, I had my first message read out on talkradar 9, and I’ve followed the gang ever since. I’m sure you guys will continue to make excellent content and I can’t wait to listen to the commentaries.

  41. Now that Henry has a bit more time to focus on Cape Crisis I’m really excited about the future of this podcast and the possibility of Cape Crisis specials!? I would love to hear: each Cape Crisis’s panelists’ top 10 story arcs, one-shots, and comic events.
    Also maybe some episodes fully devoted to one character or a theme and I’ve always been a fan of the mail bag episodes. Regardless keep up the great work.

  42. Henry, I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the one that showed up at the GamesRadar offices two years ago on a vaction and told the receptionist I was “there to see Henry.” You came up and looked incredibly confused, and even though you said you were super busy, it was still super cool to get a chance to talk to you, and you seemed surprisingly okay with a teenage boy showing up at your place of employment. I will gladly support you and Chris in your endeavors, and hopefully this means you guys can make Laser Time a real company so you don’t get so heavily taxed! God bless you guys.

  43. You the man, Henry! I had the pleasure of meeting you and the rest of the old GR crew when you were down in L.A. for E3 and Glowing Stars show at Meltdown. I’ll never forget how kind you were to tell me all of your impressions from the show floor even though surrounded by people who knew you better than I and I’m sure you would have much rather chatted with. It’s because of people like you that I tell my wife I’m listening to my “Friend’s Podcast”

    I wish you the very best in your future endeavors 🙂

  44. wow. I wondered what was going on over there. I noticed no new podcasts going up, but this isn’t what I expected. I seriously hope you’re able to be okay having left GR if you are planning to do LT full time I know its totally possible but you guys are gonna have to be full time. you know what I mean. haha
    outside of that I wish you the best in the future, and now that the last of the old guard has left GR I honestly don’t have a reason to go there anymore. maybe it sounds bad but I was still coming back because there was an old familiar face there that let the old funny voice of the site shine through. that place stopped being funny a long time ago and thus lost its competitive edge. but I’ve followed the talent and not the venue so here I am ready to give 100% of my love and support. yay!

  45. Didn’t expect this but I’m happy to hear it! Good luck out here Hank. It will be fun to hear more from ya. Think of all that time you’ll have to be readin’ more o’ them comics for your show!
    Been following you guys since around half through the TDar days and I’m not gonna stop anytime soon. I didn’t used to read super hero comics until I started listening to your show, and now I’m glad that you were there to open up that world to me!

    And as another fellow from Arkansas, I feel your pain man. Keep up the good work! I’ll continue to do what I can to help support you guys!

  46. Super psyched that Henry is going to have a bigger presence on the Laser Time network!

    No reason for me to keep listening to RadioRadar anymore though.

  47. Glad that we will be reaping the benefits of GR’s loss, hope this means LaserTime is getting another full timer. I will definitely be picking up those commentaries before Avengers 2 hits!

  48. Watching the Iron Man 3 commentary and I realized that you all obviously don’t listen to the movie while you watch.

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