Your Favorite Laser Time Editor Is Making a Movie!

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OK, maybe I’m like your seventh favorite. Still making a movie though!

So, a little background info is probably in order. While I’ve been working behind the scenes here at Laser Time for a few months, I’ve also been finishing film school in ye olde Maryland. This is the final film I’ll be directing before I graduate, and it would mean a lot if my Laser-ites could support it.

Now, by “support it,” I of course mean a little donation would be appreciated. If you can’t do that, then word of mouth or a tweet would also be great. Those are free!

You’d probably like to watch the trailer, so here it is:

If you head on over to our Kickstarter, you can get more info. If the $2,000 goal seems daunting, consider this: it’s about .0001% of a normal Hollywood film budget. We work cheap, baby! And if you donate, then we’ve got credits, DVDs, and posters to thank you with.

Please help in any way you can — this can be something really cool!

9 thoughts on “Your Favorite Laser Time Editor Is Making a Movie!

      1. honestly, I as a general rule don’t like to watch introspective films. And the trailer and summary make it totally seem to be that kind of thing.

  1. What type of movie is this going to be? Was hoping for horror but didn’t get the vibe from the trailer.

  2. I got you brotha! Just put down what I could and also this was my first Kickstarter project donation yo!

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