Cape Crisis #134 – Trailer Trash


Henry and Chris are joined by first time guest Phil Kollar from Polygon, and he’s got a lot to share with us about the many, MANY trailers and bits of news in the last week. Not only has Henry’s employment situation changed, but X-Men are coming out of the closet, every comic film has a new trailer, and there’s something called Star Wars that has everyone’s attention. All that, plus Squirrel Girl, Attack on Titan, and a quadruple dose of community interaction…

Also, in case you missed my post earlier this week, Laser Time’s brand new commentaries for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 are now available on the Laser Time Bandcamp page.


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Cape Crisis #134 Question: Whats your favorite Batman/Superman story?

10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #134 – Trailer Trash

  1. Good luck in this Hank, if I wasn’t broke myself I’d give money for every single episode on lasertime. Hopefully when I’m rich I can back pay.

  2. Whoa, I was surprised to see the episode up so early! Us listeners sure are gonna benefit from more of Hank’s attention. Hope the transition period goes okay, and I’m doing what I can to support it.

    As for all these trailers; Ant-Man still seems bland and generic to me, Fantastic Four actually managed to peak my interest, and Batman v. Superman looks like a train wreck in my opinion (and this is coming from a dude who names himself after Batman on anything with a username).

  3. I’m looking forward t Batman v Superman because I think writers have ignored the false idol response that would likely happen in real society. In most stories, everybody likes Superman, but I just don’t think that is interesting.

    It should be fun to see Superman turn from a symbol of destruction to a symbol of hope at the the end of Batman v Superman. If that is the direction they decide to take.

  4. Every lasting friendship I’ve ever had with another man has started with us as enemies, ranging from rivalries over the same girl, casual verbal antagonism, or physical altercations. I’m almost looking forward to the potential of them going that direction with Batman v Superman, because I feel like too many characters become friends offscreen, or by fighting a common enemy, or by being forced together by circumstance and squabbling for a few minutes but having to grudgingly work together. I never see in pop culture two people beat the shit out of each other, realize the whole thing was silly, or a misunderstanding, or just circumstance, and shake hands and start over as friends with a healthy respect for each other’s capabilities.

    The reason “We’re not so different, you and I” is such a common thing is because that really happens, but the trope part of it is the response of “I’m nothing like you!” and then they go back to solving their problems with violence at each other instead of “You know what? You’re right. We have a lot in common. Do you like Starcraft?” and then we’re inseparable best friends for 15 years.

  5. So, I’m gonna go slightly against the grain, here: I thought the Batman v Superman trailer looked fantastic. “The Dark Knight Returns” is probably the most iconic interaction Batman and Supes have ever had, and the movie looks like it’s drawing a LOT of inspiration from that comic. Plus, it looks like it is directly addressing the problems that people had with how “Man of Steel” (a movie I hate with as much passion as Hank) portrayed Superman. However, I came to realize that they’re shoehorning Aquaman AND Cyborg AND Wonder Woman into this story, none of whom seem to fit with the tone in the slightest. I’ll see it, for sure, but I’m very afraid that we’re gonna end up with another schizophrenic mess, just like Sucker Punch.

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