Laser List: 4 Actors Who Bled For Real

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It takes a good actor to cry on command, but what about bleeding when necessary? Sure, there are blood packets and CGI out there, but sometimes those red blood cells are very, very real.

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6 thoughts on “Laser List: 4 Actors Who Bled For Real

  1. Heh, interesting… Although does Carell’s really count as bleeding? 😛

    Also, I dunno if series count. But if i remember correctly, i think Jimmy Smits stabbed someone for real while filming a scene in Dexter. that should definitely count as real bleeding…

    1. Watch the full scene. You can totally see blood spots forming. I’m not that hairy of a man, but I don’t think I could brave the wilds of a Brazilian.

      1. I’ve got Antista level chest hair and foolishly tried it once when I was in my mid 20’s. That scene is as real as it gets and you can bleed like a stuck pig. Not to mention, all the ingrown hairs you get afterwards. Because, women like a chest to look like a 14 year olds face right?
        I dropped out of that foolishness right away. Luckily, despite what Hollywood wants you to believe, most women prefer a burly guy with chest hair as opposed to someone who looks like they are just hitting puberty.

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