Cape Crisis #135 – Damaged Tattoos


Henry and Chris have read more comics than usual this week, including one of the most epic Batman vs Joker throw downs ever. Then they go to some heavily Joker-ized news, plus talk about the upcoming Free Comic Book Day, Frank Miller’s sanity, scary tattoos, and your answers to last week’s question of the week!

In case you missed them last week, Laser Time’s brand new commentaries for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 are now available on the Laser Time Bandcamp page, and you can buy them if you want to help while Henry is in-between jobs.


Also, as mentioned in the episode, here’s a pretty clever commercial by Kevin Smith and Stan Lee:

-Pre-order and play as Harley Quinn, featuring her own unique weapons, gadgets, abilities, and FOUR Exclusive Challenge Maps.
-PlayStation owners receive exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Pack FREE with pre-order.











Cape Crisis #135 Question: How was your Free Comic Book Day?

10 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #135 – Damaged Tattoos

  1. AGE OF ULTRON WAS AWESOME!! Ultron will be a household name!

    my free comic book day will be spent talking my 3 year old day daughter to get whatever she wants from the awesome selection at Heroes Comics in Fresno, CA.

    She usually goes with a Marvel Select figure or an Itty Bitty comic.

  2. Yay for more Cape Crisis! Been loving all the stuff Henry’s done with Laser Time in the last bit. Very interested to hear the Age of Ultron discussion next week, though I’m still about a day off from seeing it myself.

  3. Excited to hear Henry talk about all this Joker stuff. Henry, if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t get too bothered by all my comments defending DC movies 😛

  4. I was doing some work at the counter of a car rental place and a soldier with Romero on his chest came in. A few minutes later, the lady at the counter said, “Okay, Caesar, we’ll get you to your car,” and I looked at the guy and said, “Caesar Romero?” He nodded, and I just grinned at him. He was only in his twenties, but somebody must have made Joker jokes to him over his life, even if he never actually saw anything with him in it.

  5. me and a bunch if friends from animation school are all getting together as a weird reunion to see avanegers tonight. I’m really excited to see this one and to hear what you guys thought of the film. I kinda wish you guys would just do a full on spoiler cast special edition of cape crisis, so you didn’t have to bisect episodes of the regular show. I had to wait almost two weeks to finish that daredevil episode. I really savored that series, I couldn’t just gobble it up. haha

  6. I agree; I’ve been loving Hank’s extra contributions lately. In regards to your comments on the Russo’s schedule: filming for Civil War starts in a few weeks and will last a few months, but Infinity War filming (they’re filming both parts together) starts in fall/winter 2016. So hopefully, they’ll have at least a few months off from Marvel stuff between editing Civil War and the beginning of Infinity War.


    Unrelated: Age of Ultron was AWESOME (saw it at the premiere last night at 7; first showing in my city). The end only makes me want to see the next Avengers movie even more, but it makes the excess casting for Civil War make a lot more sense.

  7. Thanks for those Joker recommendations Henry. As someone who loves Batman: The Animated Series, the Mad Love episode was the best so I will definitely buy the Mad Love book (through the Amazon link, I won’t forget).

    As for the DC Cinematic Universe, I hope WB & DC finds someone who keeps the universe in check and focused. While WB said their films are “filmmaker-focused”, they should still have someone who keeps everything together.

    So to WB/DC, please use Bruce Timm (he already did it before). If not Bruce Timm, then Geoff Johns (who is an executive producer for Batman v Superman).

    1. I’d be down for Bruce Timm. It seems like a good idea to have that just as long as it’s a creator calling the shots otherwise all the movies will end up too homogeneous.

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