The Marvel Cinematic Universe is More Complicated Than You Remember


A quick video recap of all the events leading up to Avengers: Age of Ultron…

It’s been almost a decade since Iron Man kicked off the MCU proper, yet it’s still all too easy to forget just how much groundwork Marvel Studio’s has laid throughout the course of the TEN movies leading up to Age of Ultron. Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy clobbered you over the head with the true nature of Cosmic Marvel Guide, but it’s pretty fascinating a to take a step back and recall just how slowly and subtly Marvel has linked introduced them together since 2008. It’s incredibly interesting to look back through the grandeur and see a slowly forming universe at war, with Earth gaining a greater significance, so the Verge has concocted one helluva a video primer, and I thoroughly recommend watching it before going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend. What’s that? All of you caught it at a midnight show, live in Europe, and Avengers: Age of Ultron review?! Well… FINE. I bet you still forgot Tim┬áRoth was ever part of the MCU, so there!

4 thoughts on “The Marvel Cinematic Universe is More Complicated Than You Remember

  1. He missed some:[img][/img]

  2. That was a nice recap, although the off-mic guy’s comments were incredibly annoying and obnoxious.

    1. Totally agree. My eyes rolled at every instance of the off mic jargon. Otherwise, well done. And having just seen A2 last night (well, technically A:AoU), I gotta say I was really impressed.

      Was shocked to see it hovering just over 70% on Metacritic. Haven’t dug into many reviews yet (tried hard to go in blind but did catch Metacritic’s overall score going in, which definitely tempered expectations a bit) but now I’m seeing that ~70% as a remote average between two schools of thought:

      1) Those who saw it an loved it, the chief complaint being that it felt a bit too rushed (which I don’t even necessarily agree with, although I will eagerly watch that 3 hour director’s cut once released).

      2) Those that were likely caught up in the excitement of the phase 1 MCU but have since grown weary of all these superhero movies, content to bash A:AoU for being “more of the same”. I’m not going to say it’s a groundless accusation, but I also suspect these folks were never the movie’s primary audience to begin with. Still, seems a shame to be so harsh when the movie manages to spin so many plates so well. Nailing it with a 50%-60% is just plain cruel, even if not your bag.

      Of course, not suggesting you in any of that. Just sayin’.

  3. That misses a lot. In the wake of the alien attack, Hell’s kitchen is plunged into crime and corrupt relief efforts. At some point between the dark elves defeat and the modern age, there is an alien city built and humans are experimented on and left with genes that hide dormant powers.
    I’m also not sure if anything from the hulk movies are used because in Age of Ultron Banner says that the hulk was loose on civilians for the first time.
    I’m also not convinced that thor and Ironman 2 happen in the same week.
    This is only going to get more complicated as new properties get their own past tucked into the background.

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