Splatoon: Global Testfire Gameplay – Let’s Do This!


[UPDATE: The demo is over, but you can relive the magic in our archived stream embedded below]

For one hour tonight, Nintendo’s giving player a sneak peek at Splatoon, the Wii U’s upcoming painty, octopussy shooter. With the greatest multiplayer infrastructure around, there’s no way this can fail! Let’s find out together tonight at 8PM Pacific (11PM Eastern)

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12 thoughts on “Splatoon: Global Testfire Gameplay – Let’s Do This!

  1. I played it at a friends place today and I’m really impressed by the game. The only problem I can see for this game is definitely the camera controls for the game. I kept forgetting about resetting the camera because I was so into the multiplayer. You can’t move the right stick up which kinda is a minor pain in the ass but I can kinda get used to it.

    1. You can turn off the gyro controls and opt for the right stick for camera controls you know, you must’ve missed it

  2. This actually looks like a fun game, too bad it’s a new nintendo ip and no one will buy it.

  3. i have to admit im with Chris. i found it frustrating and not much fun. not me for, shame i love nintendo and the paint mechanics look great but its a no go

  4. i actually wonder if this will hurt sales more than increase them. i myself have cancelled my pre order and that was £25, a big discount from the usual £40 in usual UK stores…

    1. You seem to have jumped to conclusions there buddy

      Already cancelled? Why? Because you didn’t notice the option to turn off gyro camera? You give up too easy my man

  5. I loved it, the demo was fun for the 1 hour I was able to do it. And I’m very impressed the games online actually works well and is really smooth, better than Mario Kart, Nintendo really did it

    Gyro controls take some used to but it’s really premises when you get gud

    You other commenters probably didn’t notice but there was a controller option on the top that gave you the ability to turn off gyro and use right stick all ways instead.

    Can’t wait for the full game

  6. I was able to catch the first test fire and wow the game turned out really fun. Im really impressed with the online, Nintendo actually did it right even if it was just a stress test. Gameplay wise im in love with it, i love when we get wacky unique shooters. The gyroscope camera honestly wasnt a problem with me because it served for better and precise aiming when you get gud. Though it seems you guys arent aware that there was a control option to turn off motion and use the right stick for the camera, should help you guys more if you dont fancy the gyroscope. Overall it was a really fun experience and i cant wait to play more.

  7. I played this demo twice and I went from strongly wanting to game to getting it day 1. I will admit the motion controls weren’t fun but once I switched to the sticks I couldn’t get enough. Not to mention for 99% of my play time it was lag free. I only wish it was available to play for a weekend and not three hours spread over two days.

    1. It was a stress test that’s why, even then it was impressive how smooth and lag free it was. I really enjoyed it as well and while it took some getting used to the gyro controls are really precise. Can’t wait for it.

  8. Damn, yeah that kind of lowers my excitement for it as well. But I really only wanted it for me and my 3 year old to play, to try and wean him off Mario Kart.

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