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For as iffy as some of its upcoming films look, DC Comics’ TV shows are doing great. Will that continue with Supergirl? Here’s the first look…

As the host of Cape Crisis, I sometimes get accused of being anti-DC and a Marvel fanboy, but I’ll be the first to say DC’s TV shows have been great lately, especially Flash and Arrow. Both ditch the winks and nods of Smallville, and are just full-on, serialized super shows. Characters have wild powers, they have to deal with secret identities, they have slowly growing rogues galleries. It’s great. And from the look of this extended trailer for the Supergirl series, that looks to continue that (and be way better than her shitty old movie)…

What are some of my immediate thoughts?

– I’m shocked it actually takes place in a world where Superman exists. Usually the big three Justice League stars are ignored on TV, but not here. Obviously it’d be hard to have a Supergirl without a Superman, but I assumed the Warner movie folks would excise the Man of Steel from TV.
– Speaking of which, this clearly isn’t in the same universe as Snyder’s film. There’s a different Jimmy Olsen, people aren’t talking about millions dead in Metropolis, and Krypton looks very different.
– I’m very happy Kara Zor-el’s lineage to Superman is kept in tact, and I like her as TV news assistant that has to balance life with a secret identity. Even saying that her S shield is repping the same family crest is a fantastic touchstone.
– I like that Cat Grant is a regular on the show, as she’s a supporting character DC doesn’t do enough with. Can Steve Lombardi be far behind.
– Just who is she going to fight? Superman has a pretty weak villain line-up aside from Lex and Darkseid, and Kara’s isn’t much stronger.
– The flight and super stuff looks great on a TV budget.
– One of my few complaints about The Flash show is that so many people know his secret identity, and that’s looking to start early with Supergirl. Her male friend, her sister, James Olsen. Will Gloria know before the end of season 1?
– I’m a sucker for Krypton mythology and hope to see more of it on the show.


In general, I’m at least going to be watching to see if the full pilot can deliver on this early taste in the fall. For so long, CBS has been the channel I never watch – no thanks CSI/Big Bang/old people shows – but this feels so outside their wheelhouse that it seems worth Hulu viewings (it had better be on Hulu).

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16 thoughts on “Watch 6 Minutes Of The New Supergirl TV Show

  1. It looks pretty good. Nice to see some bright colors in a Superman related project again. Like everything comic book related, I’ll give it a shot.

  2. I have to say, aside from the whole Devil Prada vibe, this looks surprisingly good. This also look closer to Superman than the last Superman movie! A preview that is filled with color and hope? This has no place in a Superman related show!

    Joking aside I hope this does well. Sadly, I probably won’t watch it as I cut cable years ago. If it comes to Netflix I will definitely check it out. Lastly, damn! Supergirl is super cute.

  3. Since they have said that this show WILL cross over with Flash/Arrow, it’s just beginning to dawn on me that those shows also exist in a world with Superman…. That’s crazy!

  4. This one I am going to be waiting to hear from other people about. I just don’t think Superman/girl is interesting on TV.

    1. Funny, considering Superman’s probably the character with the most TV series to his name, including the longest-running comic-based series (Smallville).

  5. Wow I’d got really used to “lol WB sucks”, but this trailer reminds me of how DC can be fun and that seems to be backed by some smart writing. That Supergirl speech was nice especially considering how Man of Steel just dumps Superman’s name on him like a consolation prize.

    I wonder what their reason will be for Superman being busy all time…

  6. I’m excited for this show. I really enjoy the characterization of Supergirl from the Bruce Timm era of cartoons and this new show reminds me of that.

  7. Its that Devil Wears Prada vibe that bugged the crap out of me. And was that Ally McBeal? I’m sure we’ll watch it but I’m not overly enthusiastic.

  8. I am I seeing the same thing as everyone else? That looked historically bad, it was almost beat for beat the Black Widow SNL sketch. I’m almost in disbelief with it. All the characters seem to speak in exposition, they all seem like ridiculous stereotypes, a fucking kryptonian goes to cry after a fucking general tells a fucking god to get someones coffee. I mean, dear christ, Hank, you talk about getting more good female charcters in comic books and you are optimistic about this by committee shit?

  9. I always thought the very concept of Supergirl was stupid. But this preview does make a pretty good case on how the character could work well. Will be willing to give it a chance.

  10. Hey Hank, Gloria Grant is a marvel character, apparently she replaced Betty Brant at the Bugle? This was Cat Grant. Marvel fanboy! 😉 Good write-up, though – In all seriousness, when I saw that the first-look video had hit, I knew I had a LT post to look forward to!

  11. I kind of feel like I’ve just seen the whole dang show, they gave us so much info. They took the possible will they find out mystery of her true identity and that kind of sucks. Imsuppose they were ultimately just trying to quell any fears of a female super lead show by just giving us a good healthy chunk of what its about. I’m not really a marvel fan but I’m even less a DC fan, but I’m a fan of superheroes coming into the spotlight in a popular and non mocking way. I’m also not a fan of female super heroes wearing skirts, I mean why? but I guess they’ve painted themselves Into quite a corner with the whole heroes in spandex and stuff that looks like underwear. I get Spiderman’s outfit, he’s like a ninja, his identity is a secret. buuut putting your first female super to be on tv, in what three decades, in a skirt?! I can feel the fires coming to burn this series at the stake unless its reeeeal damn charming. I didn’t mean for this to be so negative, but I take issue with making them the comics equivalent of Disney princesses. I like the whole just learning how to fly thing, but wouldn’t she have tried by the time she moved to the city? has there been a superhero spotlight on Supergirl? If not can we get one on cape crisis?

    1. It’s traditional for the character to wear a skirt, and why shouldn’t she? Did you prefer the skin-tight number?

  12. Loved it apart from the silly music choices that came far too close to that Black Widow SNL parody for comfort, definitely can’t wait.

    However, a day later and the new Arrow/Flash spin-off show Legends of Tomorrow comes along with a trailer and blows all of them out of the water. Watch it here.

  13. I thought it looked really cool and I’ll check it out. THIS is what I want from a character of the Super family, not “dark” and brooding crap.

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