Cape Crisis #137 – Secret Wars Confusion


Henry and Chris are accompanied by both Brett and Dave for a big episode with talk that dives deep into Secret Wars, the new Supergirl series, deconstructing the cast of Civil War, Archie Kickstarters, and all the listeners’ opinions on Age of Ultron!

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Cape Crisis #137 Question: What creative teams would you put on Archie comics?

13 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #137 – Secret Wars Confusion

  1. Just finished reading Secret Wars 2.

    This is horrible. It’s straight up Game of Thrones fan fiction. They didn’t even try.

    Really upsetting.

    1. Ok now that my disappointment has dissipated slightly I think I can put my thoughts together more succinctly.

      See I didn’t mind the House of M or Age of Apocalypse, and actually liked them, because they gave us a cool alternate universe. Cool enough in the fact of AoA that they have brought it back many times, so it wasn’t pointless. There is always that lingering hope, hey maybe this character from AoA will come back, or they will do something else in that Universe. Because it was a cool Universe.

      Battleworld, so far at least, is Game of Thrones starring Marvel characters. That’s boring, uninspired and gives me no excitement for seeing this world ever again. Or, agai so far, any of this world’s alternate characters because they all seem the exact same, and boring and lifeless.

      That’s it. That is why it bother me. Alternate Universes are usually fun, if the universe that is created is something creative. Not just recycled ideas FROM OTHER WRITERS.

  2. I’ll stay with Secret Wars to the end because the Marvel Zombie in me won’t let me quit, but not into it yet. As soon as I see Proxima Midnight and other crappy Hickman created characters are probably going to play a big part, my eyes can’t roll far enough back into my head.

  3. Secret Wars #2 is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Hickman… Meaning I’m not a big fan so far. I’ll stick with it and read some of the side books (namely Battleworld) but I hope this improves.

    However on a more positive note, I thought the Supergirl trailer was pretty cool. The suit is good, its nice to see some daytime and bright colours, and she actually seems to be helping people. I’ll check it out for sure.

  4. Great show but what’s up with Brett? If he continues to be a downer, can you do the show without him?

    1. Maybe it’s a sign of the state of things? He’s almost always hugely positive when it comes to comics, he’s definitely got love for them.

    2. yeah I’ve noticed this too but I wouldn’t want him off the show or anything… he’s barely on as it is. Chris addressed some of the reasons behind it on the simpsons game stream.

  5. Now it’s time for your weekly correction from the manager of the comic shop:
    Secret Wars isn’t weekly. The first two issue were weekly, and now the rest will be spaced out throughout the summer. I believe the plan is to release two issues a month.

    I actually really enjoyed Secret Wars #2. Cool world building (but I’m a sucker for alternate realities). Despite the fact that Hickman always puts in his weird creations, he writes a killer Dr. Doom, and I’ll be seeing this through till the end.

    Also, Brett is sounding more and more like Comic Book Guy every episode. I’m starting to wonder if he should even read comics anymore. I don’t think there’s been an episode where he’s liked something!

  6. Ahh time for the weekly Brett complains about everything like he’s channeling an internet forum cast.

    Seriously, I know Hickman isn’t for everyone, but his run on Fantastic Four and FF were phenomenal as was his Avengers run. World building is important and he is very good at it.

    World building and setting up plot isn’t just reserved for Game of Thrones, its what most fantasy writers do. And its not like he uses a lot of exposition like its a 1970s Stan Lee run either.

  7. I also wanted to vouch for Silk. It’s probably the only comic other than Transformers MtMtE that I actually get excited about each month.

    It took me awhile to get pick it up because the cover art for the first two issues are hideous. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and saw a completely unique art style. It’s a little cartoonish, but that is what I like about it. It is just so full of life. It makes me want to see it animated.

    It is also nice to see a Spider Powered character at the beginning of their career. It was what made Ultimate Spider-Man so appealing.

    Now with Silk and Miles coming to the main universe you have two young Spider-People doing the young person Spider game. I really wish they would keep Peter married with a kid after RYV, and mentor these younger Spider heroes. It won’t happen but it would be nice. I still really like ASM, and Slott has always made it interesting, but I’m starting to feel like Peter lives in an Archie comic where he never progresses. His doomed to platonic relationships till the end of his years.

    I’m also intensely worried that Slott is going to make Parenthood look like a burden for Peter. I don’t think Slott has kids or is even married, but those preview pages don’t fill me with much hope. When I was single, the idea of marriage was a nightmare. Then I got married and it was the best thing that happened to me. Then I would see people with kids and think “I never want kids, they are so obnoxious, and so are their parents”. Then I had my son, and it’s just something you can’t describe in how being a parent makes you feel. It’s hard at times, but not like TV and movies (mostly written by single people) would have you think, and the joy of it far eclipses any of the harder parts.

    Now there are some people who hate being a parent or should never be a parent or choose not to be a parent and that is great and fine and I have no problem with that. Or people who don’t want to get married, and I respect that. I’m not criticizing people who don’t live the same way I live.

    But Perter would be a great Dad, and he would love being a Dad. You know he would. It would never be a burden for him, and I really hope Slott doesn’t make it seem that way in RYV.

    Sorry for the long post I really just wanted to say how good Silk was. Kind of got sidetracked.


    One of the Age of Ultron comments stated that the Thanos scene was pointless — which I think is either exactly right on the nose or, as I hope is the case, absolutely wrong.

    So far I’ve only seen/heard one other person on the internet voice this possibility (Ryan Higgins on the Geekbox podcast), but here goes: Stark and Banner planted the seeds for the creation of Ultron — but it was THANOS who actually created him. Think about these three things that all point to this:

    1) Stark and Banner were shocked when Ultron actually showed up. They said something to the effect that there was no way it could have happened. Our assumption as the audience is that — oops — they goofed. But what if they didn’t? What if an agent of Thanos added that little bit of tech/know-how to actually bring Ultron to life?

    2) One of the biggest criticisms is that Ultron pretty much wants to take down the Avengers right away, with not much buildup — and that was definitely my impression after I walked out of the theater the first of two times. But if Thanos put that extra bit of life into Ultron? Why WOULDN’T he hate the Avengers right away?

    3) When we see Thanos at the end, his line is something to the effect of “Guess I’ll have to do this myself.” How could that NOT insinuate that he was throwing Ultron at the Avengers to defeat them? There was a sense of urgency there that implied he wasn’t just sitting back and watching the entire situation that just happened to unfold in front of him. Despite Ultron’s thinking to the contrary, there VERY MUCH were strings attached to him — they just weren’t held by Tony. Rather, Thanos was in fact the puppet master, much like he was to Loki in the original Avengers and tried to be to Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Right now there’s nothing that definitively states Thanos was behind the creation of Ultron, but the evidence is there. I choose to believe it’s the case for now, because it explains away what is otherwise a very major flaw (i.e., reason #2 above). I guess we’ll find out for sure in the next few years…

  9. I like poking fun at Henry over his opinions about Man of Steel. It just seems so ridiculous to want a grandiose super hero story where the main threat causing no destruction because the hero can “cleanly” save EVERYONE.

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