DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Looks Like The Best Live Action Justice League Ever


A guy you can shrink, a woman with wings, a man on fire, and more bring a super team to TV in the most impressive group since the Avengers…

Henry again guys and gals, and as I’m fond of saying on Cape Crisis, DC’s shows have been killing it on TV lately. In particular, The Flash and Arrow have, in a very short amount of time, built a universe big enough to fit many of the famous heroes and villains of the DCU, making it big enough to justify its own spin-off to fit all the new characters. The Arrow/Flash shows introduced us to Firestorm, The Atom, Captain Cold, the League of Assassins, and more, and they’ll soon be joined by more famous Justice Leaguers. In 2016, premiering alongside that new Supergirl show, is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow…


As a relatively recent convert to the Flash/Arrow world, this all really excites me. One of my favorite eras in DC history is the decade or so before the New 52, where Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, and more created a reality that’s a mix of wonder and danger, while also respecting the company’s history. Just as I never expected a Flash series to happen (let alone one that’s incredibly fun), I definitely didn’t anticipate a show bringing together a team of B-level super folks into a team that will some day be the Justice League. Then again, I also never could’ve imagined that a TV show could get Firestorm, Captain Cold, and The Atom so right, so who knows, maybe they can even get Hawkgirl and Vandal Savage to work.


After Man of Steel’s brooding and a world where Batman is society’s only hero, DC’s TV universe is doing a much better job of reminding me why I love the Super Friends. They even make a shrinking hero seem cooler than Marvel’s. If this can work, what’s to prevent other “not ready for feature film” characters from getting a show? How about Beetle and Booster Gold travelling through time? Kamandi, The Last Boy, fighting animal men? The Ray defending Hawaii? Take note Agents of SHIELD – here’s how you make serialized super TV.

But what do you think of the trailer? I want to hear all about it in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Looks Like The Best Live Action Justice League Ever

  1. I like Arrow and Flash, but this show really doesn’t seem appealing to me. It’s such a random assortment of B or C level charachters (minus Sara Lance and the appearances by Flash and Green Arrow) that it seems too low rent and like they can’t afford to have bigger name heroes. I’ll give it a shot but when even the name of the show/ team is this lame I don’t know how many episodes I’ll make it.

    1. Black Canary is your not B level character? I think you are underestimating the depths of DC comics. You’r comment would be warranted for a team up between the coyboy that rides a motorcycle, superdog, and Ma Kent.
      I don’t know what kind of show you want. Your comment is disappointing.

  2. This show scares me. Maybe if is a short season show over the summer it will work well, but if that level of effects and large cast keeps up the show could quickly lose quality as they try to tie it to the other DC TV properties.

    I hope it’s good, but my expectations right now are low.

  3. I am just beyond excited for this, I’m already a big fan of both Arrow and The Flash! I believe they can tell a awesome story, I mean they did that already with Arrow and Flash, so I have faith in this.

  4. Only one costume redesign? boo.

    Still, seems like fun. Definitely getting some vibes of the early Earth-2 stuff DC was doing awhile back. Will also be interested to see Arthur Darvill playing the enigmatic time travelling cool guy after he played the everyman character on Doctor Who.

  5. This looks totally amazing and if Arrow and Flash are anything to go by I have no doubt this will be fantastic. That said, what is up with this line?

    “Take note Agents of SHIELD – here’s how you make serialized super TV.”

    There is no way in hell you saw the second season of Agents of SHIELD if you are saying this. Kyle MacLachlan alone put that show in a higher tier.

  6. Utterly, utterly loved it. As a far bigger DC fan than Marvel, I lost my mind a few times in that trailer. Now I finally get the feeling Marvel fans got when the Vision and the Hulkbuster armor were revealed for Age of Ultron.

    And Brandon Routh is great. I’m glad they at least got a trailer of him shrinking before Ant-Man, if not the proper story.

  7. This looks fun, but the show really does need a bigger CG budget.
    Looks like a mid 2000s Kamen Rider series in some places.

    1. hey now, whoa, WHOA!… no slamming Kamen Rider allowed here. early Heisei era Rider series are fiiiiine, they just hadn’t gotten comfortable yet and the series wasn’t running at full money making steam like it is now.
      you’re on rider probation… I’m watching you shinn. XD

      1. Dude I love me some Kamen Rider, but more often than not the cg isn’t exactly convincing.
        Y’all dealing with a serious tokusatsu lover, I got a degree thanks to this passion of mine 😛

        1. Did someone say Kamen Rider??! What?! I cannot believe anyone on here even knows what that is-AND usage of the word “Tokusatsu”!? What is happening?!

    2. I’m guessing none of the CGI is final. The Flash/Arrow CGI stuff generally looks better than this.

  8. I was JUST re-listening to the LT episode on immortal characters where Vandal Savage was mentioned and then had to be explained with a straight face. he’s an old character, but very good. I liked what Grant Morrison did with Savage and the Atom in his Multiversity series. (as weird as it was)
    I’m concerned about this series. Like is it a step too far? are we easing people like my 70 year old uncle who LOVES Arrow, into the super hero world comfortably enough or is this straight up for the fans and those willing to easily embrace?
    maybe Avengers loosened up the tension a bit but I’m not sure any of us are ready for this level of a super hero show. or maybe it’s just me?
    I’ve been uncomfortable with my relationship with superheroes since I was 16 so…
    i don’t know why I wrote so muchof my thoughts, nobody reads these do they?

    1. I do!

      The reason why Arrow got much stronger towards the end of Season 1 (and The Flash started off strong) was the producers gaining the confidence to embrace the comic books even more. Arrow started off very different to Green Arrow, with loose takes on characters, and it didn’t really get good until the Dark Archer started showing up and Deathstroke/Slade Wilson was brought in. I think we’re ready for this. I certainly am!

  9. Looks pretty cool, but sadly I think the Netflix Marvel model is the super hero style of the future, as those teamup fights just look like a B or C movie aping of the Avengers (maybe its just the effects budget limit).

    If you are DC, how are you not putting Tom Wellington in as Superman? I mean.. what do you have to lose? Plus you would drive viewership up if you just hinted at the idea that Superman is in that universe, drop an article written by a Clark Kent. Or slip in a Lexcorp logo in from time to time. And then you could have a pay off with Superman actually showing up and saving the day when Vandal Savage beats down the rest of the team.
    Also, you can say if you want to know Superman’s story go watch Smallville now on [insert streaming service you just sold the rights to here]. It is literally leaving money on the table and the only thing stopping you is what? Having two people playing Superman out in the world? It doesn’t seem to be slowing you down with the Flash movie casting.

    Of course DC is run by dumb suits… so this won’t happen.

    1. I don’t think the Netflix model would suit every comic show, in fact the opposite. Daredevil works because it was very, very well written and very mature. You can’t have every comic book show be mature, and if the writing was slightly less good the whole thing would come off as boring. Daredevil also had a load of excellent, well written stories to pull from. The jury’s still out on how good Iron Fist, Luke Cage and AKA Jessica Jones will be.

      Simple answer for the Superman thing: they don’t need him, and they want to keep the movie and TV universes separate so as not to divide their audiences. It’s easy to cry “dumb suits”, and I admit I’d like them to be linked or at least have Batman in Arrow or something, but it makes more sense than Marvel’s “Coulson’s dead in the movies but still has his own TV show” approach. Did you notice how the Age of Ultron news footage in Agents of SHIELD contained no shots of Ultron or the Avengers?

      Also, Tom Welling would be fantastic, but it’d be weird with Brandon Routh in it already – as they both played Superman on TV and films at the same time…

  10. I feel like the DC TV guys have to be a little frustrated with how they are being undercut by the films just straight up casting different arrow/flash for the DCU movies so this will be interesting to watch.

  11. I like how the end of the trailer has a room with all the character that died and they are interrogating the one person the audience does not know is supposed to be dead.

  12. I’m excited about more DC TV. Flash is great; Arrow is good; and Brandon Routh is kind of awesome in everything, so I’m up for this.

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