Play this great Game Boy-inspired cat-breaking-shit-at-night sim!


Having a cat can be cool, except for the times they go inexplicably crazy during the witching hours. Play “My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day,” a sim that recreates the playground your cat sees in your apartment at 3AM every night!

I love cats. I say as much in my Twitter bio, as I’ve taken care of a cat or two for pretty much the last 20 years of my life. I currently have two cats, and 95% of my life with them is pretty chill, even though I’ve went from giving them 40+ hours of alone time each week to 10 (if they’re lucky). No matter what kind of cat I’ve had around, there’s always that “5% of the time,” and that 5% seems to occur between 3 and 5AM.

A friend of mine has made a game that perfectly encapsulates the worst time of cat ownership. I worked with a great dude named Will Herring at GamePro Magazine for a number of years, where we more or less geeked out about Japanese games the entire time (here’s video proof). While I’ve used my experience to drunkenly yell into a microphone about Sega Saturn games, Will has gone in a completely different direction and made “My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day,” a super-fun Game Boy-influenced game that is also all too real. In fact, why don’t you play it via the fancy embed below!

Great game, right? What I love about MGCWMUA3AMED is that it reflects the MANY ways a passive-aggressive feline can wake up human companions at ungodly hours… meowing it its face, jumping around at objects, or evvvvver so slightly pushing things off shelves. It also takes into account kitty strength; you obviously can’t push over an entire bookshelf, but if you divide and conquer, you can work up from a stray baseball to a modem, to a heavy-duty laptop. I’ve spent more time creating mischief as this cat than I have playing PS4 games that I spent $60 on, because I keep discovering new ways to wake the human up. I’ve donated to Will in the hope that he can include new “swat at the blinds” or “hairball barfing at ungodly hours” expansions, and you can too, via this link! Go on, encourage indie developers!

3 thoughts on “Play this great Game Boy-inspired cat-breaking-shit-at-night sim!

  1. This was pretty amusing. That light stand drove me nuts because it got stuck and I couldn’t move it. Had to reset the game.

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