Rick & Morty meet the Simpsons in the best crossover couch-gag ever


The Simpsons’ 26th season comes to a close this Sunday, with Rick and Morty cameo-ing in the biggest couch gag of the year. Find out what happens when the greatest animated characters of the 1990s meets the greatest animated characters of this decade!

Even if it’s no longer the same cornerstone of our lives the same way it was in the early 90s., The Simpsons can still capture our undivided attention from time to time. Fortunately, we’re coming at you with lighter fare than the potential departures of a long-time cast member or updating our list of every dead Simpsons guest star ever. As they’ve done multiple times this season, The Simpsons have kicked off an episode with yet another insane couch gag that has us talking. RICK AND MORTY MEET THE SIMPSONS!

While including a Don Hertzfeldt-created couch gag or teaming up with the animators of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World The Game for a retro-flavored intro were definitely classics in their own right, there’s so much to love in this couch gag. Between the Rick and Morty trademark sudden burst of disgusting violence, Rick’s soliloquy on how many potential witnesses are around Springfield, Morty’s trip to a Futurama-inspired clone factory, Rick’s hatred of Flanders, and the bonkers ending that probably serves as a “crazy couch gag finale,” it make a strong case for BEST. COUCH. GAG. EVER.

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6 thoughts on “Rick & Morty meet the Simpsons in the best crossover couch-gag ever

  1. jeeeezuss! see this is why I love rick and Morty. so effin weird, but brilliant. I mean, cloning people is like going to the copy shop? a million times YES.

  2. Great couch gag, I’ve been jonesing for some Rick and Morty lately. This also gives me an opportunity to expose my sister and her boyfriend to Rick and Morty, they always watch The Simpsons on hulu the following Monday.

  3. Is it weird that this might be the last appearance of Ned Flanders unless they find a sound alike? Like if he just stopped showing up after rick caps him in the intro.

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