The Top 10 Laser Time Videos of All-Time


In honor of our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Youtube, here’s all the stuff you missed…

We know you don’t care. But since it’s pretty clear only about 5% of the fine folks who listen to our podcasts watch our YouTube videos, the bright side is we’re absolutely positive an overwhelming majority of you have never seen this before! Yesterday our YouTube channel turned one year old starting with a Twitch archive of this ultra-stupid classic.

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Below you’ll find we’ll be showcasing our Top 10 most-watched videos. Before you make the joke, yes, we know all of that combined amounts to a fraction of the views of a Neo Nazi reaction video to Charlie Bit My Finger dubbed exclusively in Esperanto, but achievements are relative in this game. I love making these videos, but they take 1000% more work than a podcast or article and seem to receive 5% of the attention. If you ever wanted to champion any more of this kind of stuff, now would be the time. And you know, Subscribe and all that bullshit.

10. Diamond Dolls – The Chippettes

It all started with our look at the Best and Worst Animated Movies Based on Kids Cartoons. Rolling into Shame Songs 2015, I felt it was high time to come out of the closet: I love The Chipmunk Adventure. More than that, I love The Chippettes and their hugh-pitched, ultra-grating music. I made this out of genuine love and enthusiasm, risking YouTube partnership life and limb, and I’m glad so many of you share my secret shame.

9. WWF In Your House vs WCW Thunder vs Laser Time

This here is the first stream we’d ever done, and Lord, is it a fucking mess. But people seemed to like it, and filled us with all sorts of false hope that people would want to watch this kind of chicanery again. But it is genuinely hilarious, thanks in part to coming courtesy of PlayStation 1 games from a crazy wrasslin’ era, but also featuring Brett, Hank, Dave, Grimm and myself, and thus marking the most people we’ve ever had on a livestream. (Infuriatingly, the insipid Thor game is the next best thing.) Truly, a technical nightmare, but it makes up for it in PSOne absurdity. You will believe a horse can wrestle Hulk Hogan…

8. Top 5 Best Mario Kart Rip-offs

Holy shit, was this fun! In honor of both my unemployment and the release of Mario Kart 8, we all streamed a week of stupid Kart-related fun in Laser Time’s one and undoubtedly only Block Karty! From Homie Rollerz to Muppets RaceMania. This was the first of a handful of super time-intensive videos that I ignorantly assumed more people would watch. Shows what I know!

7. Studio Ghibli Museum Tour

I am incredibly proud of this. As Brelston’s mentioned before, a bunch of us are caught in the middle of an insular little Studio Ghibli renaissance. As explained in the video, the museum isn’t exactly easy to get in to, so technically, this is the video that required the most planning in advance. Pro-tip: If you travel to a remote corner of the world and film it for even a relatively obscure website, a lot of shit qualifies as a business expense.

6. Rumble Roses XX – Laser Time Liveshame

Because Dave Rudden is a very persuasive man, we did a week of weirdass wrestling livestreams. Before you can make fun of us, we played some wonderful PSX oddities including Simpsons Wrestling and MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. But THIS was the one you all watched. In fact, it’s our most watched livestream of ALL-TIME. What does that say about YOU?! I’m calling all your mothers.

5. Top 5 Games of 1994 [According to the US Box Office]

Without a doubt, I’m most proud of this video. It’s a stupid idea, the kind Laser Time was built on, but I maintain it’s fucking funny and fun to watch. And trust me, that’s coming from a guy who largely hates himself and everything he does. I put the most work into this video, and when looking at the resulting views like an adult, from the horrible perspective of an inept man running a Serious Business, the resulting views painted a clear picture: I could never invest this much time in any video again. A shame, IMO. Not only did I wanna do Top 5 vids multiple times a month, I wanted to turn this particular video into an annual thing. One of those might happen.

4. Best of the Star Wars Celebration Panel

After doing a pretty nice recap of the Xbox E3 press conference, this was the kind of thing I promised myself I’d never do again. However, the Star Wars fandom I constantly try to suppress got the better of me. Here’s a quick look at what’s still the most information on Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens officially dropped to date. Man, that BB-8!

3. Wrestlemania: Behind the Scenes

For how often we get bitched at for mentioning wrestling anywhere but Cheap Popcast, it’s pretty surprising that this became one of our most-viewed videos of all-time. I’m happy about it. Even after I soured on the idea of on-location stuff, I wanted to do this for one simple reason: I’ve never seen anyone do it before. At least, not in a unofficial, Vince McMahon ball-washin’ capacity. I was constantly told to stop filming and kept going any way. Breaking pointless rules turned out to be almost worthwhile!

2. IDOL IDLE: The Idle Animations of Gaming Icons

It’s not that I’m not proud of this, but it’s placement here is kind of cheating. This has as many views as it does because it’s the introductory video on Laser Time’s YouTube Channel, meaning it plays any time someone goes to our YouTube channel, and it tells a pathetic tale. You think I’ve plugged the URL 5000 times on our podcasts? Well then know that less than one person per callout have bothered to go there each time. Fun vid, though!

1. Mortal Kombat X Brutality – Fatalities & Gore Showcase

How appropriate. I’ve loved games my entire life, but it was Mortal Kombat that showed my I was not alone. Nerds like me kept our gaming habits somewhat secret in those days, but the Mortal Monday marketing campaign literally had people taking to the streets both on and offscreen. It was finally safe to talk about in public, as we all moved out of the video game closet and began speaking about Mortal Kombat in unhused tones, without any fear of how many jocks, hicks or other bullies may be listening. Because they probably wanted to play too. Poetic that it’s our most viewed video on the Laser Time Network, no? Although, it’s a shame it did seven times the views as the full MKX stream it came from.

Thanks for checking this out. I feel like it’s been pretty self indulgent already, so I’m throwing our Biggest Video Disappointments on another page so the majority of you may continue to ignore them in peace.

14 thoughts on “The Top 10 Laser Time Videos of All-Time

  1. Man, that Diamond Dolls video. I don’t think I’ve ever had “see an overly sexually Brittany from the Chipettes” on my bucket list, but I guess I can cross it off after that part following the 1:00 mark.

    Happy one year Laser Time! Let’s hope you make it to year #2 Youtube.

  2. My personal favorite other than the week of Stallone (Wink and a hey yo) was your Homie Rollerz stream featuring an LA graveyard with a legit Paul Walker tombstone if you can spot it. Still too soon.

  3. Hey I love watching the videos, Chris! The editing continues to get better and the quality of streams continues to improve. Keep at it!

  4. I love watching you kick yourself in the dick over the viewership. Not to worry though, if you ever feel like making a Minecraft Let’s Play series, I’m sure you’ll rope in fans left and right.

  5. I’ve been a consistent fan of the Laser Time guys since long before the actual site and podcasts began etc. I’ve also always watched every Youtube video that’s been published – and have liked, subscribed and verbally spread the good word with my friends.

    In terms of the streams, I try and watch live when I can, but seeing how I live in Australia with a different time zone, it’s difficult. Having the Youtube archive is really helpful.

    All that said, and my love conveyed – I feel kind of shitty with Chris talking about the lack of views on the videos. I’m looking forward to the Patreon as a more concrete way to show support than the occasional commentary donations. But in general it makes me feel helpless, when I can’t make the problem go away as an individual.

  6. I enjoy the hell out of your streams, but it is honestly asking a lot of the short attention span of most Youtube viewers to sit down and watch a 1 or 2 hour video. Most Let’s Play channels seem to break them down into 15 or 20 minute chunks, but I’m sure that requires a lot of editing that you don’t have time for and probably wouldn’t be worth it for the number of views it would get. Something to think about with the numbers that MKX fatality video got, anyway.

    Oh, and if you ever decide to upload more stuff from your Japan trip, I’ll watch it even if no one else does. Definitely my favorite stuff from the channel. Love your stuff and I hope you keep it up for a long time to come.

    1. Yeah, I’ll echo both of your paragraphs. I think people mostly avoid streams in favour of watching them live (so by all means do continue doing them, they’re fantastic) but maybe dividing some of them into let’s play-style bits (the ones that work better as such) could work?

  7. Congratulations on a great year and thank you much! I would have included all of your japan videos, I love those so much and share them with my buds. PLEASE FINISH EDITING MORE OF THEM THAT WAS LIKE 6 MONTHS AGO DUDE!

  8. Brett and Chris streaming the 20th anniversary Another World is probably my favorite stream. The Japan videos are my favorite original content produced for the site and would still like to see the rest of them.

  9. I watch almost all of your YouTube content and are really happy how they continue to improve. Also, keep the full plays of your streams for youtube, the multipart runs are only if you plan on playing through and beating some other incredibly long title. Thanks to Hank, Grim, Bret, Michel and Ruds for their help on them too!


  10. Watching Chris rage out as he tries to navigate Gonzo in a hot dog kart across a rooftop platformer has to be one of the finest pieces of content that this channel has ever created.

  11. I love the 1994 Movies/Games Top 5 because its so well done and feels like some good edutainment. The 25 Kart Racers because I enjoy quick cutting with a stationary object that seems to be continuously moving (like the old GR Megaman runs through every stage video).

    I imagine that Majora’s commercial was built off the back of that scene in Armageddon or Independence Day where the world reacts to everyone dying by sitting around the TV.

  12. I live in a country with crap internet but I try to watch all the videos in YouTube. The 420 stream is great, as well as the followup NARC stream. Waiting for the rest of the Japan videos to be posted too.

    Since you asked what we want…I want to see a YouTube video where the LT crew read classic LT erotic fan fiction with reactions recorded in video. It sounds fun, at least in my head.

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