Laser List: 4 Movie Reboots Way Worse Than the Originals

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First things first: go see Mad Max. It’s a reboot done right. Back from the theater? Cool. Now here are four other movie reboots that didn’t do so well.

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3 thoughts on “Laser List: 4 Movie Reboots Way Worse Than the Originals

  1. Nice. How about a “4 good things to come out of bad movies” video? I mean, Godzilla might be average, but that zilla design is too good for that movie. Way too good.

    And just a quick thought about your videos: I realize that this is potentially much more work for what may amount to a small audience but I think that, in general, and despite this being hosted on youtube, people that browse videos want something that is at least 6 minutes long and at most 15 to sort of give it that “small episode” length, at least from what I can tell and my own experiences with it.

    Anyway, thanks for the video and say hi to Van Dame for me.

  2. The funny funny part is the sheer amount of reboots the Godzilla movies have had. Talk about trying too hard. I love me some Big G, don’t get me wrong. Hell, look at my fucking handle. But jeebus.

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