Love Miyazaki? You Need To See This Student Film


One French art student created a beautiful animation short that’s also a stunning tribute to Studio Ghibli…

Love for master animator Hayao Miyazaki and his team at Studio Ghibli transcends the medium of anime, appealing to fans all over the world with its naturalistic worlds and human characters. If you need further proof of Ghibli’s international appeal, just look at the effect it has on French art student Gwenn Germain. As a solo animation project, Germain created Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux (translated as “Girls and Guys from Summits and Skies”). The two and half minutes of fluid animation doesn’t look like it was done by one person, but that’s just the kind of passion project it is. Just watch and see if it doesn’t stir similar admiration for Miyazaki’s work…

Fans likely recognized architecture and skylines from Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and Princess Mononoke as they watched these characters on their journey, and you should’ve heard a connection as well. The music playing throughout is a piece by Joe Hisaishi, the composer of countless Ghibli films, and even did music for the company’s game, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. After replaying it a fourth time, it occurred to me that – while it’d make an excellent film – I’d almost rather see this as video game. Can someone pass this video along to Level-5, please?

Of course, we here at Laser Time take our love for Miyazaki almost as seriously as this film does. Not only did I write about the best Miyazaki animation you’ve never seen, I talk about it often on my podcast Cape Crisis. And most importantly, the Laser Time crew made a group trip to the astoundingly lovely Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. We even have the travelogue to prove it.

Now, if the world of Ghibli and Miyazaki still mystifies you, here are some link to informative stuff on Amazon…








6 thoughts on “Love Miyazaki? You Need To See This Student Film

  1. this is a pretty ghibli tribute/inspired short
    but it lacks the weight and polish of years of understanding that you see in a ghibli film.
    again its pretty and it evokes a sense of familiar charm but its got no soul. it’s all surface.
    but, I DO love French animation, Wakfu is a beautiful frame by frame animted 2d flash series.

  2. This copies Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli so extremely well. The only real difference is the faces. I would love to see this a full length feature or, as hank said, a video game. The only problem is that it feels like it’s a couple of shots of a grander piece.

  3. *grumble anime isn’t a genre its a medium grumble*
    Anyhow, this was a really impressive piece of work. Knowing what little I do about how animation is done, seeing something like this being made by one person is very impressive. I really should pay more attention to the French animation industry, I know there is a lot of good work coming from there but it doesn’t get as much attention as things like anime do. For instance, the new astro boy series is a co-production with a french studio, and while not french, the new Lupin show is made with an Italian studio.

  4. Well I did love Dark Souls and Bloodborne so I’ll give this a look.

    Seriously though, I’m going to be checking this out.

  5. I saw a lot of other influences as well, including Last Air bender and at the end there was little Evangalion. It was really cool though.

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