Read The First 2 Chapters Of Daniel Bryan’s Autobiography, Then Read More Wrestling Books


Daniel Bryan, the best wrestler on Earth, has a new book coming out, and it can be your portal into the world of pro wrestling…

If you think I’ve seemed a little sad on recent Cape Crisis or Cheap Popcast episodes,  you might think it’s because I’m currently unemployed, but I’m far more concerned about the fate of Daniel Bryan (aka Bryan Danielson). Since the defacto retirement of CM Punk, Bryan has been my favorite current wrestler. Why? I think it’s a mix of him being one of the best technical wrestlers of all time, that he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and that he has this infectious likability from being this weird hippie that loves grappling more than anything (and who helps sing backup on indie pop songs). He’s been dealing with injuries and possible retirement for months now, and while I mope about his cloudy future, I could read a whole book about him. Good thing Bryan just wrote one, and you can get an early look at it now.

Out this July is Yes!: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania, the book Bryan wrote while out trying to heal for most of 2014. It takes you through his time training in the indies, to him becoming regarded as one of the best wrestlers in Ring of Honor, to his matches around the world. Then it jumps into his time in the early version of NXT and finding his footing in WWE. I was able to snag an early review copy, and can tell you now that it reminds me of the plainspoken wrestler I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a couple times. You too can get an early look at two chapters on

And if you like what you read, why not buy a copy through the link to Amazon above? It’ll help out Laser Time at no extra cost to you. The same goes for the accompanying Blu-ray Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!, or anything else you buy through that link.

But Bryan’s is only the most recent wrestling book that deserves the attention of fans and newbies alike. Not by a long shot. I made a list of the 10 Books That Will Teach You the Secrets of Pro Wrestling where you can read all about it, or you could just trust my judgement and buy them right below…









That’s just a little taste of the love Laser Time has for pro wrestling. Hell, we even went to WrestleMania and have the video to prove it!

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