Vidjagame Apocalypse 113 – Games That Were Better on Handhelds with Bob Mackey


Conventional wisdom holds that handheld versions of multiplatform games are, at best, stripped-down shadows of their console brethren, and best forgotten. Sometimes, conventional wisdom is for idiots. USGamer’s Bob Mackey joins us this week for a Top 5 about handheld companion games that outshone their higher-profile console versions, after which we jump into a rambling conversation about Witcher 3 and Destiny: House of Wolves (and The Simpsons, and some other stuff) before looking at characters you used to think were cool.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite mobile game? (Come on, we know you have one.)



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16 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 113 – Games That Were Better on Handhelds with Bob Mackey

  1. Wow bob mackey!
    Favourite mobile game would be smash hit. Addictive, great music, easy to pick up and play for a few minutes and beat your previous score.
    Even better with a spliff to get in the zone.
    If by mobile you ment portable i would probably say metroid fusion or castlevania 2 belmonts revenge on gameboy

  2. QotW:

    Only one I ever really played was Angry Birds. It is a really fun game, but then it got licensed to hell and back and I got tired of seeing Angry Birds merch everywhere so I don’t play it anymore. My 3DS eliminates the need for games on my phone.

  3. Damn I was beaten to the Simpsons reference… in any case, always cool to see Bob around these parts

  4. QOTW: Snake. No I’m not being silly or hipster, it is that simple quick gameplay that holds up just fine.

  5. The Room and Room 2, its a game that really takes advantage of the touch screen and is amazing on a larger tablet, though I wouldn’t recommend it on smaller screens. The game has you solving various puzzle boxes in an atmospheric setting, headphones and a darkened room recommended.

    1. I tried to play the Room but Lisa kept tearing me apart, everyone betray me and then I got fed up with worruld, so I quit.

  6. QotW: mobile has been a great home for board game conversions for a while now. Mobile a
    Allows for the multiplayer of mobile games like words with friends and draw something without being complete shit. Some of my favorites are the mobile versions of hive, ticket to ride and agricola. My current favorite is hitman go. It combines a board game enviroment with miniatures and tactical strategy.

  7. QotW: My mobile games of choice include Candy Crush Soda, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff and Star Wars Tower Defense. I can honestly say that while microtransactions are available, I prefer to grind away instead of paying to win.

  8. QotW: Tinder, I enjoy judging people based on arbitrary flaws without any outside context or regard for their self esteem. Yes I am comfortable with being a goblin shaped shell of a human being.

  9. QOTW: Bejeweled for Android, though I can’t figure out why they just can’t call it Bejeweled 3. Also, I wonder when the Butterfly and Lightning modes will finally be made available for it since the Badge section of the game still says ‘Coming Soon.’

  10. QOTW:
    I love the Bard’s Tale port, because inxile is still actively supporting it. They recently patched the android version to support the dualshock 4 via bluetooth.
    Actual dev support like this is very rare in the mobile space.

  11. QOTW:
    There are a few notable mobile games worth mentioning:

    — The original 2D-runner built to look like an old black and white Apple II game. Just time your jumps and leap between rooftops. The Guy does all the running for you. Thumpin’ soundtrack, too!

    Super Hexagon
    — All reflexes with another maddening, hyperactive soundtrack. In it, you’re a dot. Rotate left or right to avoid the walls closing in on you. That’s all you need! I’ll never be good enough to beat it, but I’ll enjoy surviving for 11 seconds at a time.

    Ridiculous Fishing
    — The creators of Luftrausers and the upcoming Nuclear Throne, it’s the game with The Best Tilting Controls. Dodge fish to get your lure as close to the seabed as possible, then catch (almost) everything you can on the way back up before DMC air-juggling your prey for points. A very cool, short-term economy game with a real-live end-game scenario.

    — PONG + pinball with seemingly-endless level progression and power-ups to buy from the store (real money or otherwise). My dad fell in love with the game on his iPad after I got it for him for Christmas, but I was sad when I met the game’s creator, Tim Rogers, at PAX East this year, and he said he never was satisfied with the final product. Still a great convention, and Tim is the most remarkable independent dev I’ve ever met.

    Total cost of these games together is about $5, zapped straight to your hand-held telephone. Game fans have it so good these days.

  12. I am a big FPS fan so my favorite mobile game’s are from the N.O.V.A series, they are visual masterpieces for a mobile device and once you get used to the touch screen controls it is a great game to play. I also like The Room as well, it is the only modern day puzzle game that I actually enjoy playing and I think that puzzle games are perfect for the mobile device.

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