13 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best of David Letterman

  1. I don’t watch any late night/talk shows but with Letterman ending it definitely felt like I missed out on something great.

  2. Unless you consider The Daily Show and The Colbert Report “Late Night” – I never really watched a lot of late night TV. Back in the early 90s, I actually preferred Arsenio Hall to Leno and Letterman (and Chevy Chase and Magic Johnson, etc., etc.). I never cared for Letterman and found him to really be an insufferable grouch.

  3. I have gone out of my way to see old good Letterman clips, but I simply wasn’t around at the times when he was actually trying. I do watch the Daily show and did watch Colbert almost every single episode form the 2008 election onward though. Do you guys think you’ll want to make a show about Jon Stewart when he ends his show? Obviously he hasn’t been on as long as letterman, and there is definitely some sameness to his past month of shows or so, but I still think he is one of the best hosts out there.

  4. Good episode. I never watched Letterman, but a lot of that was really interesting to hear about and listen to. I’m genuinely upset that Tyler was so damn quiet on this episode. I did like the guest appearance of Mikel.

  5. Two main things I associate with Letterman growing up:

    1. I live in a city called Regina, and back in the 90s Letterman did a running gag about a guy from my hometown called Dick Assman. (That’s his real name; he was an unassuming old guy who worked at a gas station). Letterman made fun of his name based on a newspaper clipping, and he eventually flew Dick Assman out to NY to appear on the show. It was a huge deal in my city for a week or two; every day the local news and all the radio stations would report on whatever Letterman said about Dick Assman the previous night. People would line up at the gas station where he worked for hours just to get his autograph.

    2. This will really date me…back before the modern pornucopia known as the internet, I used to snoop around underneath beds and in between mattresses hoping to find porn mags. I finally found my uncle’s Penthouse, and it had some erotic fan fic about David Letterman getting blown by an intern while he smoked a cigar.

  6. As someone who didn’t grow up with a Letterman that cared I listened with an effort to see if I should track down old clips. Probably won’t as nothing grabbed me.

  7. My mother worked with Harvey Pekar at the VA, and that was pretty much him all the time. Such a weird guy.

  8. Now, I know you guys are well-learned in video games, films, cartoons, and comics…
    but episodes like this prove to me just how impressive your pop culture knowledge is.

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