Laser Time: Now on Spotify


The internet’s 5th leading pop culture podcast is now on the internet’s #1 streaming audio platform…

Good news, everyone! Podcasts have arrived on Spotify, and Laser Time is one of the first arrivals on the platform. There are probably other shows there as well, but they don’t matter as much today. FOLLOW US ON SPOTIFY! FUCK EVERYONE ELSE! But seriously, we thought it was worth a post because it’s not exactly easy to access the show unless you know what you’re looking. If not, you might miss all the podcasts and videos unleashed during Spotify’s “soft rollout.”


First, I’m told podcasts are only accessible on phones and do not yet show up on Spotify’s desktop applications. Second, you need to “opt-in” to the content, otherwise you’re not going to see it. Start by updating your Spotify app, then head to your settings menu. See that image up there on the left? “The New Stuff” is podcast and video, so if you don’t click it/don’t see it, you won’t be able to access Laser Time (or other podcasts, but again, fuck them for now.)

The only time you’ll ever see Laser Time top anything.

We must have given the right person a very good blowjob, because we are the #2 show on under the Tech & Gaming genre. I honestly don’t care why, because it feels like the best exposure the show’s had in a while since we’re not millionaires with an advertising budget, previously famous celebrities, nor attached to a massive web site that does millions of page views every month. We’d really appreciate it if as many of you as possible would FOLLOW US ON SPOTIFY. I feel like we ask a lot from our listeners, so I apologize for asking for yet another favor, but I’m sure current Spotify users will really like listening to Laser Time there. It looks as if they’re doing some testing, so if you’re not getting the podcast promptly, hang tight – it should come around soon.

For the few of you asking, no, this is not about us getting paid. We’re not making any money off this, but the benefits of being on such a big platform has are great for Laser Time, LT fans on Spotify, as well as finding more LT fans on the platform. It’s not just the leading source for streaming audio on the net; it’s helped millions of people discover music they wouldn’t have found otherwise. Obviously, I’m excited by what that means for podcasts, and it’s about fucking time somebody formidable came along to challenge the monopoly held by iTunes for almost a decade, which provides almost no showcase whatsoever for any show not in the Top 10 or brand new. Thanks for you help, darlings. This could get interesting…

14 thoughts on “Laser Time: Now on Spotify

  1. The podcast feature doesn’t appear to be on Spotify for Android or iPad yet but I could just be doing something wrong.

    1. Huh. I honestly don’t know. It appeared on iPhones at least last week, but was invisible to me until yesterday.

  2. Thank god. I can finally dump that awful Podcasts app like the hot bag of shit it’s been for three years, assuming at least that the rest of the Laser Time network is also available on Spotify.

  3. Podcasts are so strange. The importance of Apple visibility seems dumb to me as a person on Android. After all, Android IS the market to hit at 84% of smartphones. But Google refuse to give us a decent app to unify behind as listeners. I listen to Start Up, and in season one they made a huge deal about ranking on Apple, or creating a tech base to move forward with. It seems INSANE to push what 14% of the market says to do in favor of the obvious critical mass. But Google, man give us something. I can’t rate and review on any of the major apps, or even easily share if I was a social media whore. I’m a Social Media Hermit, which makes me feel bad for places like Lasertime, USGamer, or Legacy Music Hour. Love me some Brent Wienbach can you get him back? Deep dive with Brett and Brent…ohohoho yes.

  4. Taylor Swift and Jay Z are gonna be feeling the hurt when LASERTIME becomes the greatest music video of all time.

  5. I don’t know if the deal is still going on, but I got 3 months of spotify for 99 cents about two weeks ago and have been loving it ever since.

  6. I just want to say that laser time and the other podcast apart of the network are my favorite thing I have discovered in 2015. I’m happy they are now on spotify so I can stream at work

  7. Will def give it a follow Chris! I very rarely use Spotify as it is but it might actually be useful for throwing on a lasertime episode while I’m driving.

  8. As it was mentioned, I’m not seeing this on desktop, but I’m also not seeing it in Android.

    Also, what’s wrong with Laser Time making money through Spotify? Isn’t that what Laser Time would PREFER to do? I want y’all to make money, so I don’t see a problem with it.

  9. Hey guys. Wondering why there haven’t been any episodes on Spotify since the new year. It’s how I found you guys and it’s the easiest way to catch your show.

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