5 New Things WWE Could Do With The Elimination Chamber


Since WWE’s bringing back the Elimination Chamber, how about they spruce things up with some new concepts? Here’s a few neat new twists WWE’s most sadistic match could incorporate…

In one of the more surprising developments in wrestling this year, WWE is reviving the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View after a 15-month hiatus. After five years as its own branded February Pay-Per-View (seven if you count No Way Out’s EC matches), the world assumed the Chamber would revert to its original form; a specialty match a la Steel Cage or Ambulance match that would be utilized to settle feuds or increase interest in a match during an off-month. But here it is, randomly announced as a bonus May show to keep folks from unsubscribing to the WWE Network during the very last day of a free month.

There’s no indication that this Elimination Chamber signals a return to an annual tradition (rumor has it that the inability for many newly-built arenas to support hanging a 20,000 lb cage from its roof was a major reason for the shelving), but I do agree that the previous February-only incarnation wasn’t working. Too many easy to predict WrestleMania main events were dictated by what should be the most chaotic match in WWE. Still, there is a level of prestige associated with the match, as the short list of talent that has competed in the Elimination Chamber is comprised (mostly) of main-eventers.

This year’s Elimination Chamber is doing a few new things, including the first-ever tag team Elimination Chamber match (featuring 12 competitors!) and the first-ever Chamber match for an undercard title, but there’s so many more innovations I’d love to see now that the match isn’t confined to February.


5- Winner Main-Events SummerSlam

The WWE has done a great job at making SummerSlam’s main events near-WrestleMania-caliber over the last few years; particularly when it comes to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This year, Brock’s a shoo-in to headline the show, but a good way to keep future SummerSlam main events on par with WrestleMania’s is to make it feel similarly earned. Therefore, the Elimination Chamber should be the Royal Rumble of the summer, where the winner earns a spot at the second biggest show of the year. Put it in July, starting next year. Nobody’s going to miss Battleground.


4- Even More Extreme Chamber

I can understand why the term “Extreme Elimination Chamber” would be as verboten around WWE as “Chris Benoit.” It was the worst-performing Pay-Per-View of all time, it led to a five-year divorce between WWE and Paul Heyman, and was the first nail in WWECW’s coffin. The booking was also garbage, as the only two wresters that truly fit the ECW mold (RVD and CM Punk) were eliminated before the last two pods even opened. However, the “Extreme” angle, where the wrestlers in each pod were accompanied by a weapon was actually pretty interesting, but I’d like to see things pushed a little further. Why keep the weapons relegated to the pods? The chain fence surrounding the chamber is perfect to hang chairs, kendo sticks, sledgehammers, and other assorted items off of, like some sort of sadistic dojo.

3 thoughts on “5 New Things WWE Could Do With The Elimination Chamber

  1. Dave, I like all the ideas but the number 1 idea is the SHIT. The notion of darkened pods and random entrants would be phenomenal. The return of Brock, the emergence of a new NXT or ex TNA star….I want all of it.

  2. Have the Four Horsewomen, Paige and Natalya in an Elimination Chamber for the NXT Women’s Championship belt. It’s got match of the year written all over it.

  3. Amen Dave. Everything you stated was on point, and I love the mystery chamber idea. The elimination chamber is (was?) one of my favorite matches every year, and the idea of having surprise entrances sounds awesome. I guess the closest we ever got to that was with Edge.

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