ILM Celebrates Owning Your Childhood With Special Anniversary Video


Ever see a film with special effects in the last four decades? ILM probably did it…

It’s the stuff of Hollywood legend. The first Star Wars film was such a colossal undertaking that George Lucas and his crew had to build its own special effects studio to create the space opera we all know and love. So Industrial Light and Magic formed in 1975 to build X-Wings, Star Destroyers, and lightsabers that would stick in the minds of fans for years. ILM became THE place to get special effects from then on, and they work on a lot more than merely the world of jedis. You get some idea of the scope of what they did in the company’s special anniversary video, which references dozens of films in 60 seconds.

Why the hell does it end with a shot of Star Trek and not Star Wars? Anyway, ILM is still an industry leader, though I’d say WETA has been challenging them for lead effects creators ever since Lord of the Rings. The New Zealand outfit has certainly made some impressive characters of their own, but I’m hoping to see ILM bring their A game to The Force Awakens, showing geeks all over the world that, even at 40, Industrial Light and Magic still has some tricks up their sleeves.

As long as you’re in the video-viewing mood, check out our Let’s Play of a game based on the ILM classic, Who Framed Roger Rabbit!




2 thoughts on “ILM Celebrates Owning Your Childhood With Special Anniversary Video

  1. I was originally going to post a comment saying how amazing they are but I really need something answered.

    Was Willow a bad movie? I was an 80’s kid and I loved it. I watched it again recently and I still think it holds up. Unfortunately, I always seem to find negative feedback and reviews whenever I come across it on the internet. I don’t get it. It had great (for the time) effects. Willow was an interesting and fun character. Mad Mortigan (to this day) was one of the most handsome and charismatic anti-heroes ever to grace the screen. Need I even mention the scorching hot Joanne Whalley? Plus it spawned a great arcade game!

    I just don’t get it.

  2. This really seems like the year to go back and appreciate their earlier triumphs as we prepare for new entries in the Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Terminator franchises.

    Thanks for posting this, I’m loving all the Hank content we’ve been getting lately.

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