By request, here’s some Saga iOS wallpapers!


Our first ever NSFW smartphone wallpaper gallery! Oh, you’re most definitely welcome…

Ask and you shall receive, Corby! Saying you should read Saga is probably the biggest cliche in the comic booking world, but it bears repeating: You should read Saga. I’m a full volume behind, and TBH, dread catching up due to the high probability Vaughn and Staples go on another extended break and I’ll be alone in a world without what was once described to me as “Romeo & Juliet meets Star Wars with more fucking.” Speaking of which, below you’ll find what very well might be the first instance of nudity posted on Laser Time! NSFW? I guess, but I wouldn’t want my boss catching me looking at the Invincible gallery either, so who the hell am I to question what’s perverse?!

Whatever, click, save, and these should work on just about any smartphone. You’re welcum!



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But seriously, READ SAGA!

5 thoughts on “By request, here’s some Saga iOS wallpapers!

  1. goddamn it I love this book. as Hank likes to mention, it’s easy to take it for granted, but I’ve never read through a series faster.

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