Hatred – Let’s Do This


[UPDATE: Embedded below with bonus MUPPET PARTY CRUISE gameplay!]

Today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Eastern) We’ll be taking a look at the most controversial game of the day, Hatred, before its existence is forgotten about entirely. Plus a surprise bonus palate cleanser after the nasty!

As you may have heard, Twitch has banned any and all streaming of games rated “Adults Only” by the ESRB in anticipation of Hatred. So today we’ll be streaming for the first time ever on YouTube. Either refresh this page or join us over on our YouTube channel at 3PM to be part of this atrocious learning experience!

Not to be confused with Harold, a charming and gorgeous cartoon racing simulator!

10 thoughts on “Hatred – Let’s Do This

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Twitch and YouTube are both apocalyptic streaming platforms and I sincerely doubt they’ll address their issues quickly, if ever. Start using Hitbox or something, it would make everything so much less painful.

  2. That visual scene of the credits for Party Cruise did not do justice to what I had built up in my head the last 8 years.

  3. And now I am walking around my house with that damn song in the background of all my thoughts! Paying my credit card bill…..”muppets party cruise” Cleaning my cats litter box, “Muppets party cruise!” Make oh so sweet love to the wife….. Nah! That be too far wouldn’t it? “Muppets party cruise!!!!!” Awesome yo!

  4. All that media hullabaloo for what looked like a flatly mediocre game that was just trying too hard to be edgy. Sorry you guys had to suffer through both that and all the YouTube crashes. I suggest the next stream should be an overwhelmingly good game to compensate. Also, seconded to the first post’s suggestion for Hitbox, which has given me barely any trouble so far.

  5. That game just looked terrible to control. Thanks Dave and Chris to showing me how much it was not that great…Isometric stuff though is really tough to play for me, but thanks again for streaming!

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