Laser Time – Single Season Sensations


A tribute to all the beautiful TV shows that only lasted one season. Let us know what we missed…


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39 thoughts on “Laser Time – Single Season Sensations

  1. Yay! New Lasertime. Can’t wait to hear this tonight.
    Obscure but I’m hoping to hear Boomtown and Undeclared on here.

  2. Trophy Wife was a very good recent one-season wonder that didn’t get the chance it deserved. Real shame it didn’t get more episodes.

  3. I feel like I’m one of the few people who has seen Freaks and Geeks and didn’t really enjoy it. Did love Undeclared though.

  4. I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I’d be surprised if they bring up Playmakers – part of ESPN’s early 2000s attempt at drama programming. It wasn’t perfect by a long shot (it tried WAY too hard to be edgy and controversial), but had a good cast that was fun to watch.

    The NFL put pressure on ESPN to cancel the show (even though it was about a fictional football league), and by “pressure” I mean “We will not let you show NFL games on your channel if you keep this show.”

    1. THIS! I feel terrible we didn’t bring this up. I definitely remember this, I believe it’s one of the highest-rated TV shows that’s ever been canceled. Perhaps we should do another show about shows that we canceled for reasons other than low ratings?!

      1. Can you throw Boomtown staring Donnie Whalburgers in that episode as well? Thanks brotha and fan Zap Rowsdower gets full cred for reminding me of that short lived but Excelent cop drama.

  5. Diane was unsure if ‘eerie, Indiana’ had a second season, it kinda did but it was more of a spin-off.

    Five years after the show had aired it got repeated on Fox and built cult following, So Fox decided to make ‘Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension’ which was two other kids in an alternative version of Eerie, Indiana. That show also lasted just one season.,_Indiana:_The_Other_Dimension

    Great episode by the way! There were a couple of shows I’d never heard of before that I’m gonna check out. Thanks guys.

    1. I think that lasted 2 seasons. The first one was like 6 episodes. Have the series on DVD. Its awesome

  6. Let’s see Greg the Bunny was an awesome show that only lasted one season. Anyone remember Norm McDonald’s Fox show “Minute with Stan Hooper”? My brother and I loved it but I don’t know if it was because we were early to mid teens when it hit and I haven’t seen it since it went off the air but it kinda just did a new take on Newhart where guy leaves the big city for a small town full of weirdos.

    Speaking of sports the XFL lasted on season.

  7. Chris, can you please keep your politics out of LaserTime? We get it, you don’t like GamerGate/pseudo-autistic comments on the Internet. Bringing it up every episode just makes you sound like one of the GG trolls.

    Also, why are you apologizing for finding something funny? There’s literally no reason to feel guilty, or have to distance yourself from a joke. Most children and some adults can separate fiction/jokes from reality.

    1. Could you kindly elaborate on what the hell you’re talking about? Or is this one of those things were someone’s so sensitive they start hallucinating things that aren’t there?

  8. Since you were fawning over The State crew and lamenting the fact that their post-State endeavours have mostly flamed out, you guys should check 100% check out Childrens’ Hospital on Adult Swim. It stars Ken Marino, and David Wain is one of the key creative people + frequently acts in it. It’s a parody of medical dramas like Scrubs, but doubles down on the absurdism. It’s a beautiful show, probably my favourite comedy on air.

    1. Children’s Hospital’s probably my favorite post-State project, even more than Wet Hot American Summer. Megan Mulally KILLS IT every show. And now every time I see Malin Akerman, I assume she’s Jon Hamm in drag.

      1. hell yes Diana, you win for the CH love. Mulally certainly kills it (i mean Eva Longoria), although the ladies in general are all fantastic.

        This week’s episode is probably the best of the season for me. It’s another great instance of them intentionally not giving a shit about canon and creating the most ridiculous origin story for the characters. Also it’s a Chance Briggs episode which means it’s great.

  9. Great episode, Dave. I love when you guys talk about old tv. I thought you forgot about the Lil’ Bush but it turns out that show ran for 2 seasons!?

    1. That’s one I feel like I should give another try. I remember thinking it was dumb during its brief run, but that was 6,000 years ago and Bruce Campbell’s the man.

  10. Which episode did you talk about Clone High on? Because I love Clone high, and I’d like to hear you guys talk about it.

    1. Big Clone High fan here. I still put the theme song into my playlists. Quirky odd concept that they had fun with.

  11. I would have certainly written an angry comment or two if someone didn’t mention Garfunkel & Oates. Saved it to the very end just to scare me, huh Dave?!

    Only show that I’ll bring up that wasn’t talked about was Bo Burnham’s parody of MTV reality shows that was canceled after 1 season because it wasn’t your typical MTV reality show, Zack Stone is Gonna Be Famous. 100% Bo Burnham humor and it’s a shame that so many people didn’t get the joke.

  12. Great episode guys.

    Regarding Donal Logue’s sitcom career, he was on a Fox show called Grounded for Life. It ran for a total of five whopping seasons(!) on Fox, then was picked up by the WB.

  13. Terriers was a great series on FX, which I watched live every week, and its cancellation still hurts me today. Same goes for Pushing Daisies and Terminator: SCC (although they were both two season shows).

    Although, it’s nice that Bryan Fuller (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, Mockingbird Lane) still has a show on the air, which will air its third season tomorrow. Looking forward to watching Hannibal tomorrow after the massive cliffhanger from season 2.

  14. As a “Britto”, Brass Eye and Nathan Barley are must see television. The tramp/wino commentary on the Brass Eye DVD may be the best DVD extra of all time. Although I do feel bad laughing uncontrollably for half an hour on repeated viewings.

  15. My guilty pleasure was Fastlane on Fox. It was dumb and loud and you could basically watch the money burning on the screen but it was great shut off your brain after work on a Friday night entertainment.

  16. Thanks for mentioning Wonderfalls. Loved that show but it came out during the time Fox was at it’s most show killing. They only aired a few episodes and I never could figure out what night it was on. Heard they had to go through hoops to get the last few episodes done for the DVDs.

    The best part about the show isn’t that the lead character was getting signs that helped those in need, it was that she was having schizophrenic hallucinations that forced her to help people against her will. It was as if the universe was conspiring to break her 90’s girl over-educated apathy by manipulating coincidence just to show her that being nice to people isn’t a bad thing. It was a blast watching her rattle against the chains of fate that bound her.

    Wish it had gone on longer since I heard they had some great ideas for the would’ve been seasons.

  17. Dave, thank you for bringing that Garfunkel and Oates song to my attention. It is…inspirational as fuck.

  18. Great episode Dave! One of my favorite episodes in a long time. Have started watching a few of these shows, knowing that they are only one season makes me much more likely to watch them

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