Laser Time – The Best of 2015 (so far)


Checkpoint! Our picks for the best movies, TV, comics and games of the year that’s only halfway through…


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34 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best of 2015 (so far)

    1. Mad Max, It Follows and Ex Machina are the best movies I’ve seen this year by a long shot.
      Which is pretty awesome as they represent the action, horror and sci-fi genres respectively.

      1. Then you should watch Kingsmen, I feel Mad Max is on the tipping point of overrated, I liked it but everyone’s in “greatest movie ever” mode

  1. The talk about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Cape Crisis was the reason I started watching the show and I ended up binging it all in a day or too. It’s absolutely fantastic and one of my favourite comedy shows of the last 5 years or so. Thanks for making me pay attention to it, guys

  2. Man, Mad Max was everything I hoped it could be and more. And Tomorrowland was… a movie. Now if Tokyo Vice can actually come out this year I will have nothing left to ask for.

  3. I do wish you guys would talk more about music on LT. I feel like hank and grimmy are the only ones who actively listen to current music, but it would be better than nothing.

  4. Haven’t done a ton of movies/TV this year and next to no games. Did see Adult Beginners with Nick Kroll, which was a serviceable indie dramedy. Kimmy Schmidt and Last Man were both excellent, although Kimmy gets the edge. In terms of new seasons of old shows, I’ve been watching Comedy Bang Bang and Children’s Hospital, both of which are excellent as per usual (excited to see what happens with Kid Cudi replacing Reggie on CBB). Parks and Rec and Kroll Show both had excellent final season’s that served as terrific send-offs (that P&R finale got me). Listening to a decent bit of music, and so far my top 3 for 2015 are Father John Misty, Purity Ring, and Jamie xx.

    Finally, I’m preemptively giving my favorite TV show of 2015 to the Wet Hot American Summer prequel on Netflix. Time to fondle some sweaters.

  5. Movies: Mad Max, Ex Machina, Spongebob
    TV: Daredevil, Better Call Saul, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Games: Massive Chalice

  6. A patreon level where we get podcasts with Antista’s smooth radio voice without having to hear him say faggot or other shitty-ass slurs. Ya’ll.

  7. Great episode! I really wanted to love Mad Max, maybe I’ll go and see it again!

    Best of the year so far…….. Ex machina, Southern Bastards, Kevin Owens and Hannibal. Not necessarily in that order.

  8. Chappie started off okay, but turned into a mess. (I even had flashbacks to it during Age of Ultron which was the next movie I saw in theaters, so it tainted two films)

    Also, the best thing about Patreon is that nothing hast to be permanent. So after one month you screw something up, and say well we’re never doing THAT again, you can change it. When I realized that it took a lot of the pressure off of the Patreon I was working on.

    1. That said, (and I know you already mentioned that this would be difficult and time constraining) but… I’d totally throw a bunch of cash your way to have you do commentary tracks over films. You all would be like a Satellite of Love that laser time fans can send tapes to, while also keeping the lights on.

  9. Oh man, I am so glad y’all loved Kingsman as much as I did! That movie was a wonderful surprise.

  10. I cant believe you guys didnt check out Kingsmen earlier, definitely my favorite film of the year so far. I also live in Kentucky, so that church scene was all the more hilarious to me.
    Im sad Colin Firth wont be, well yknow, their dynamic was great and I wouldve wanted more of that.
    Also thank goodness Mark Strongs not a villain for once.

  11. Great episode, I really want to see mad max. My patreon request would be that we get to suggest topics for episodes, or discussion within episodes. Also more stekches

  12. Also dont be worried about being down Chris, I agree this year has sucked for games but e3s around the corner, maybe things will change, or they wont, who knows.

  13. I loved Fury Road. I even recall sharing the article that was written on Laser Time when the first trailer came out, basically in a nutshell being a point of call that despite the range of geeky films coming out this year (Ultron, Star Wars etc) that THIS was the real film to look for and by Immortan it really was just that dam good!

  14. I’m going to go off topic, but I will comment on what was said on the podcast regarding Adam Carolla.

    I don’t recall exactly but I don’t think Adam Carolla said that women weren’t funny. During an interview, he was asked the question who is funnier: men or women. And his response was he thinks men are funnier. His reasons for his opinion aren’t really important, but he answered the question without going the safe route and say, “Men and women are equally funny,” which is realistically, impossible.

    Granted, Carolla’s response is an over generalization – to say the least – but the question was ridiculous to begin with. Besides, no one really believes that all men are funnier than all women or vice versa.

    Anyway, I’m still a fan of Lasertime network and keep the content coming.

  15. Mad Max was godlike, but Kingsmen really surprised me with how good it was. And Grimm is totally right about Splatoon. My girlfriend and I are obsessed with it, and that music is such a departure from Nintendo’s usual stuff, but so damn good.

  16. If you guys talk about music at all, Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” should be brought up, because that is one of the best rap albums of all time.

  17. Movies: Mad Max (my 2015 film of the year), Ex Machina, Kingsman, It Follows.

    TV: Hannibal (only 1 episode but still), Better Call Saul, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Last Man on Earth, & iZombie.

    Games: Mortal Kombat X (although I’m going to start Ori and the Blind Forest.)

  18. Bloodborne is easily my game of this year so far. I don’t watch movies unless they’re comic adaptations and I don’t watch TV unless they’re on Hulu, HBO Go or Netflix so easily my favorite thing this year is Bloodborne- I’ve sunk 100 hours into it, gotten a Platinum Trophy and I keep coming back. I cannot fucking love the game anymore and I can’t wait for a sequel.

  19. Oh wow, the Mountain Goats. I was actually on a cruise (Ships and Dip) with them (and a pile of other artists, like Great Big Sea and Barenaked Ladies) — my introduction to John Darnielle was an incredibly intimate set in what amounted to a relatively small club on the ship.

    This Year definitely got me through some rough times.

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