Cape Crisis #141 – Netflix Will Be Punished


Henry and Chris are joined this week by gaming and comic veteran Chris Baker for a special episode. We’ll talk about Mr. Baker’s long career, what he’s reading these days, and get his thoughts on the news, not least of which is a whole heap of Punisher now that Frank Castle is coming to Netflix. Give us listen!

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Cape Crisis #141 Question: What is your favorite Punisher moment?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #141 – Netflix Will Be Punished

  1. Super excited that Punisher is coming into the MCU, and that he’ll be appearing via Netflix. I like the Tom Jane Punisher movie, but I think TV is a much better fit for the character.

  2. When the Tom Jane Punisher movie came out they had free reprints of his first appearance at the theater. I actually really liked that movie. Haven’t revisited it in a while but I watched it all the time as a young man.

  3. Theres a little hit game from DC called injustice:gods among us in case the host and guest of the podcast forgot. Also batman vengeance was amazing….but those are games that arnt arkham games so there you go

  4. I’m just going to have to keep arguing this, but whatever.

    The post OMD comics are good because Slott is a good writer. It has nothing to do with Peter and MJs marriage. Speaking of JMS, his horrible run on Spider-Man was because he didn’t have an understanding for the character or the history of the character, and he was the last in a long line of writers with similar problems.

    If anything, Renew Your Vows shows that Slott could have handled a married Peter Parker just fine. It isn’t a proof of concept that the idea doesn’t work, it’s him showing us how he would have handled Spider-Man if he would have continued the series without OMD.

    For all your talk of diversity and wanting people to be represented, I find it funny you only want that as long as it fits into your own personal lifestyle. Dads, husbands, moms and wives want to be represented as well. Not just single people.

    And as for Chris “Fantastic Four Superfan” Antista, who claims that FF fell off the map when they introduced a kid into the comic. Franklin Richards was born in 1968 and has been a part of the comic longer than you’ve been alive and supposedly reading the comic, so I’m not really sure where that even came from. The idea that fiction fails when a baby or marriage is introduced is an idea from the 90s when all the writers were single white men trying to write about complex relationships they don’t understand. Still, not surprisingly, still happens a lot in comic books.

    You both love Saga. A story all about a mother and father protecting their child. Bendis, a family man, when he was on Ultimate Spider-Man, had MJ and Peter hook up early on, and kept their relationship interesting for the entire run of the series. They weren’t married, but they might as well have been, if they were older. Also of note is his handling of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Batman and Robin with Damian as Robin was a great read for me, seeing Bruce deal with being a father to a kid younger than previous Robins who were always written as BFFs instead of sons.

    Marriage and children can work if you have good writers writing the book. Slott is single and he writes family life pretty good from the one issue I’ve seen him attempt it.

    Last time I’ll bring this up I swear as it never gets addressed on the show.

  5. My favorite Punisher moment is in Civil War when Cap beats the crap out of him. It shows how much Castle respects Cap and the extreme Cap will go to, to protect his values!

  6. I’m so happy to hear someone mention the Chronicles of Prydain in 2015. That was basically my Lord of the Rings. It sucks that common knowledge of the series boils down to, “Hey, Disney made that shitty, unprofitable movie of the second book of the 5-part series.” I recommend everyone read it. It’s good for kids because, well, they’re for kids, but there’s plenty of adult content and mature themes (I mean growing up, not sex). The fourth book especially should hit hard for anyone who has ever had a period of self-discovery. The whole thing ends with an Undying Lands-esque cliche’d happily-ever-after (for most), but immensely enjoyed it, even went back to breeze through it.

    The documentary website links to the whole thing on Youtube, so that’s up next in the queue. Thanks for bringing it up, Chris Baker!

  7. I know it’s late, but I liked Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe because of the sheer ridiculousness at the end when he tricks everyone into going to the Moon so he can blow it up.

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