The Best “OH SHIT!” Moments from E3 2015


Relive the magic of the many wonderful vidjo game reveals at this years E3 with your foul-mouthed friends from Laser Time. Surely you have a moment of your own…

I’ve been pretty cynical about video games in 2015. Even as the avalanche of last-gen remasters attempts to plug the gaps, it seems entire weeks can go by without a big, legitimately new release. I’m not mad; I’m sad. However, way more so than the last couple of years, this E3 basically broke through that grumpy facade and made me a believer again. There was more than one announcement that had me jumping up and down, screaming and even throwing shit around my apartment. But don’t take my word for it: I HAVE PROOF!

Obviously, we go into more detail on this week’s Vidjagame Apocalypse. And sincere apologies to Fallout/Doom/Dishonored fans. Blame Vince McMahon! It’s that assholes fault we were watching Money in the Bank instead of the Bethesda press conference. Anyhoo, you can watch all of our LIVE E3 reactions here or on our YouTube channel. We’ve never looked less cool, GOOD TIMES!

8 thoughts on “The Best “OH SHIT!” Moments from E3 2015

  1. You people are great at reaction videos. I would love to see you react to trailers. Love the excitement on Henry´s face with Fire emblem v Shin Megami Tensei.

  2. Thanks for doing the E3 streams, I watched most of them as they happened and catching Hank with his shirt off made me grab my 3-D shades

  3. I got so much joy listening to the hanksta’ and Chris flipping their lids for this… fun video thanks for sharing

  4. Good job on the video. You encapsulated what makes E3 special. I had tears in my eyes from seeing how happy these announcements made you! #lasertimeforever

  5. That video was great! LOL I was cracking up the whole time at your reactions… It reminds me of when I was watching in my livingroom, clapping and cheering all by myself when they would announce something new. lol


  6. This is why I stay on laser time. It tells what you should be excited for in a unique way. As someone with no experience with Shin or FF7 I would probably ignore them but when you see a man scream as they’re released, it makes you want to play them no matter what.

  7. Watched along with about half of these, loved the Sony stream reactions the most so many crazy announcements. Great seeing the crew so excited, can’t wait for the Patreon y’all got some money coming your way.

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