Laser Time – Your Shame Songs 2015


The tables have turned and it’s now our turn to make fun of your guiltiest pleasures! Let’s take a moment to laugh at/enjoy all YOUR favorite music you’re embarrassed to love…


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23 thoughts on “Laser Time – Your Shame Songs 2015

  1. yes my 2nd fav episodes of laser time (after bad accents in films, please do another)
    im ready to laugh and support you guys

  2. fan favourite episode drops the same day as Patreon. nicely handled. haha. excited to check this out, can’t remember if I contributed to the thread.

  3. I wish there was a listener tap out button during some of these songs hahahaha. Great start to the week!

  4. That “I’ll Tell Me Ma” cover is utterly brutal. I love the traditional versions (hell, I love the version with Brake from Space Ghost)but oh jesus shit does this hurt to hear.

    Wishing g now that I had joined in to potentially force something from the Titan AE soundtrack.

    1. Somebodies actually made one. It has more then the Shame Songs stuff, it’s all the music they’ve played in the show itself I think.

  5. I am so hyped for this after your last shame songs episode. The journey to work is gonna be a lot sweeter tomorrow with you guys gassing in my ear holes!

  6. I remember hearing Return of the Mack on the Speed 2 Cruise Control soundtrack for first time and wondering why? If Keaunu was in the film then it would of made total sense but not for Lost boy Robert Patrick yo!

  7. I wonder if it’s better just to have a subscription/Patreon setup, instead of teasing us with free episodes that tell us about the new stuff that’s no longer free. Rob Paulsen’s podcast now does shortened versions of episodes that Patreon subscribers get, and I don’t know if it irritates me more hearing half of an episode, when I don’t think I enjoy the shows enough to pay for them. I guess teasing what you can get from paying is the only way to let non-subscribers know what they’re missing, but I get the feeling non-subscribers are just going to feel like the free shows we’ve been getting are going to get less attention, and they’ll have more commercials for Patreon. I suppose it’s like how we used to pay to subscribe to each magazine, but we never got years of free magazines before being told the makers no longer want to work regular jobs, and want to start charging.

  8. Good old Shame Songs, love these episodes.

    In regard to Sum 41, I unapologetically love the album All Killer No Filler, the one that spawned tracks like Fat Lip and In Too Deep.

  9. Damn, Soul Decision has atleast two good songs. Its strange mix of young George Michael, Michael Jackson, and a strange mix of Sting’s musical inclinations.

    Its no wonder this band died a quick death though.

  10. One of the Patreon stretch goals should be to give you guys a damn METAL EDUCATION. I assume Machine Head are a bigger deal here in the UK than their home but you can’t lump them in with dreggs like Disturbed and Linkin Park on the back of one nu-metal album.

  11. Man. If I had known we were gonna go into the territory of Christian stuff I could have given you guys a boatload of material to poke fun at. Like this gem:

    The W’s – The Devil Is Bad

    More Christian ska fun.

  12. Hey, guys. I love your work and I really want your podcasting network to succeed, which is why I am leaving this criticism of the Lasertime – Your Shame Songs of 2015. Where I really enjoyed the original version of Shame Songs, the new one is just completely devoid of the passion and comradery of most episodes, and I think I know why. Rather than focusing the episode on your interests, it is about things that the community likes. When you stick to topics where you can pull from your experiences, you have a lot of fun and interesting things to say. This particular podcast felt like you were just reading from the forums, like a community segment stretched out over the whole episode. I don’t know if you chose this retread of a topic as a way to directly engage with the potential financial backers, or just because you were out of ides, but I hope it does not become a pattern. I have followed you all since the TDar days, and I hope you have many more years of entertaining ahead.

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