Spider-Man Has A New Star And Director, But Who The Hell Are They?


Oh, I’m definitely going to tweet about this!

Henry again, folks. Sometimes I have to search out topics to discuss on the weekly Cape Crisis episodes. Other times, those stories demand notice. Months after I lost my shit over Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel and Sony have finally hired a star and director. So let’s hear it for… Tom Holland and Jon Watts? Who in the hell are they?


See, Spidey is just as confused as I am. Well, after some searching, I got a few answers to who the new Peter Parker and his director are, but the short answer is that I think both were chosen for being relative unknowns, so this third Spider-Man reboot can have as little baggage as possible. This is a fresh start for all involved, including the fresh-faced star, Tom Holland.


Like 50% of all superhero castings, Tom is a British actor who is currently most known for a BBC miniseries I’d never heard of, along with playing Billy Elliot in the musical of the same name, perhaps meaning he’s got the physicality already for Spidey stunts. I mean, he looks pretty darned skilled (and handsome) on his Instagram. He also showed off his ability to play a teen in the YA novel adaptation, How I Live Now. At 19, Holland is the youngest live action Spidey to date, which lends itself to the rumors that the next film will focus a lot on Spider-Man’s high school adventures. It’s safer than some of the choices out there, but he doesn’t seem so bad.

Of course, a film as big as a new Spider-Man reboot could be driven even more by the director than the star. So who is Jon Watts? I’d never heard of him before today, and he appears to never have done anything remotely on the scale of a Marvel film. I’ll definitely be checking out his upcoming Cop Car film. Outside of features, he’s done lots of TV and music video work, including one of my recent favorites from the group Sleigh Bells…

And this Met Life commercial shows his ability to work with humor, special effects, and expensive brands.

Hiring Watts now appears to follow the same logic as when Marvel got The Russo Brothers and James Gunn to direct big budget films. An unknown is better (and likelier easy to boss around) on a new movie, and perhaps Watts can bring something fresh to the already heavily explored world of a cinematic Peter Parker.

What do you all think? Good hires? Excited for the 2017 release? Waiting to see Holland as Spidey in Captain America: Civil War before you can judge? Tell us in the comments! Also, as long as you’re here, you saw we now have a Laser Time Patreon, right? Why not pledge if you can?!?! Oh, and we also regularly stream games, like this Spider-Man classic!

7 thoughts on “Spider-Man Has A New Star And Director, But Who The Hell Are They?

  1. I swear to God, if I have to watch one more Spider-Man origin story, I’m going to go to a zoo and feed myself to the tarantulas.

  2. First of all, I like quick reaction articles like this. Keep it up, Hank!

    I look forward to the new actor in the role and the direction of the film.

    My biggest complaint was the mole on Toms chin, but he’s had it removed.

  3. its funny that we’re used to actors that “look” like teenagers being spidey and now we are seeing someone that matches his age. it’s a bit overwhelming to see it first but it was a good call getting someone that people dont know.

  4. My worry is how much influence Sony has in this movie… Marvel has proven fairly well that they can “guide” a little known director to box office success… Sony has pretty much the opposite track record. I think that dynamic could affect the movie far more than the director or actor choice.

  5. At this point I feel it is still too early to tell anything since they are both unknowns. I will wait and see how things turn out. Nothing as of yet to get excited over as far as I can tell. As much as people like to hate on the last two Spiderman movies I really liked Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. So I will wait and see how this new guy turns out before casting judgment.

  6. Thanks very much for the article Hank, saw the headlines on other sites and I too had no clue as to who they were! Kinda glad they are relatively unknown, good luck to them I say and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

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