The first new Wet Hot American Summer trailer in 15 years is worth the wait


It’s been 14-and-a-half years since Wet Hot American Summer first aired on the silver screen, and we’re finally seeing the (mostly) reunited cast in motion once again for the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp miniseries on Netflix. This time, it’s got H. Jon Benjamin narration and bad tracking!

Hi all! Dave here. The original Wet Hot American Summer was first screened in January of 2001, making a wide debut in July. I can’t remember where and when I first caught glimpse of the trailer (probably via the still-bookmarked, but had so much of the signature State charm (more so than the great Viva Variety) for to seek it out the weekend it premiered in New York City.

Today, Netflix has released the first trailer (shown above) for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, the 8-episode potential prequel series set to debut on Netflix on July 31, and I’m prepared to do the same thing again, if you replace “travel to NYC to watch it in an arthouse theater” with “tell Chris I’m too sick to record a podcast that day and binge-watch.”

There’s just so much to love here. So many of the original movie’s most memorable characters (including Bradley Cooper’s Ben, Molly Shannon’s Gail von Kleinenstein, and Elizabeth Banks’ Lindsay) are front and center, though I’m hoping Samm Levine gets to share camp announcements with H. Jon Benjamin. Moreover, even 15 years later, it still has the 1980s summer camp vibe down pat. Short shorts, bikinis, swimming with a buddy, crappy crafts, crappier log cabin cafeteria food, and piss-poor-quality VHSes. Even more props for capturing the vibe of the northeast, as Joe LoTruglio rocks that Cablevision t-shirt.

Cablevision, I miss you. Comcast has been an awful partner.

What do you think of the trailer? Will you be watching this on July 31? Do you have any fond WHAS memories? Sound off below!

4 thoughts on “The first new Wet Hot American Summer trailer in 15 years is worth the wait

  1. Everything about that trailer was beautiful, down to hearing H. Jon Benjamin’s deep voice narrate everything. I’m now sold.

  2. Yeah, the only thing I need confirmed is Chris Meloni coming back as the chef, but from that brief look it doesn’t quite look like it 🙁

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