This Is Talking Simpsons. Who The Hell Are You?


Thinking of giving to the Laser Time Patreon, but aren’t totally clear on what our newest podcast is all about? That’s a paddlin’… No, just kidding, here are the details…

Hello. I’m Henry Gilbert. You may remember me from Cape Crisis, the world’s rockingest comic book podcast, and for taking off my shirt during an Twitch stream. And let me tell you, we at the site are more invested than ever thanks to very successful launch of the Laser Time Patreon. Now, we mainly started it so we could work full-time on the site and pay our bills, but we wanted to give you a whole lot of extras for your $5, $10, or more a month commitment. So we started a new podcast series that seemed to be our destiny – Talking Simpsons! Anyone pledging $5 or more is getting an early taste of it, but if you’re not sure what it is, allow me to take you to Bovine University to explain it all.

Longtime listeners of Laser Time know the hosts rarely let an episode pass without adding in a quote or two from the Simpsons. Call it dedication, nerdiness, or an undiagnosed mental disorder. So much of our brains are occupied by Simpsons talk that is has to come out somehow. Yet, how do we turn that love into a regular series of podcasts? Well, taking inspiration from once (and hopefully future) guest April Richardson and her podcast Go Bayside, we decided to do an episode by episode comedic analysis of the show and take you along for the ride.

recordingsimpsonAbove: An artist’s rendering of how we record…

To be clear, these are NOT COMMENTARIES. Instead, we’ve done are full podcasts you can enjoy independently of watching the classic episodes. We talk about what was happening in the news when an episode first aired, we cover what references are now outdated, which celebrities are now dead, which jokes we still find funny, and what gags now falls pretty flat. Plus, we give personal recollections of watching these episodes live, share our favorite clips from the episode, and in general, talk a whole hell of a lot about The Simpsons.

The core of the show are hosts Bob Mackey (of Retronauts fame) yakking it up on the old yak box with Chris and Henry, though more of our Simpsons-loving pals will join us from time to time. The show is off to a great start, and the 30-ish minute episodes will keep going as we work our way to the second season. Currently, as we work out way through the very rough initial 13 shows, we’re sharing them early with everyone who gives $5 or more a month to the Laser Time Patreon! People signed up for it have already gotten the first episode, and you can too if you pledge right now.

Want a small taste of the first show? Give a listen…


So there you go. It’s a new, weekly podcast, not specialty commentaries. We analyze one episode at a time, we hope we’re funny doing it, and people who pledge $5 or more on the Laser Time Patreon get early access to first season’s 13 episodes, and then approach the second season later this year. If you somehow don’t own the superlative Simpsons DVD collections, below are some cheap links for picking them up, though they’re hardly your only option *wink*, and watching the show isn’t required to enjoy Talking Simpsons. Hopefully that clears things up. Now, get out of here before I release the hounds. Oh, sorry. This podcast and I have sort of a Shining thing going on.









And if you’d like to both hear AND see us talking Simpsons, check out our livestream of the Simpsons Arcade game…

17 thoughts on “This Is Talking Simpsons. Who The Hell Are You?

  1. I’m happy to support your patreon guys because of all the years of free content you gave us. i thought the 40 min mark for the podcast seemed perfect, i dont mind a bit of rambeling.

    1. Henry has been somewhat unfairly derisive of Chris Hardwick on podcasts several times (Chris does some good interviews with lots of different people, not just his comedian friends,) taking the title of something he’s derided seems like a bad idea. Good show, change the name.

      1. This is the name we came to as a group, and though I’ve been a little grumpy about Hardwick in the past, the name doesn’t have much to do with him. A big appeal was that this title was clearest about its connection with the series

    2. I’m fine with it as long as someone writes a song to the tune of “Talking Softball” to go with it, on the end.

  2. I said this on your Patreon page and I’ll say it again. There’s no reason to aim for brevity. Lengthy, discursive discussions are endlessly entertaining when driven by people with as much to say as the Laser Time crew. If an episode warrants an hour long conversation please just let it go on, your audience will love you for it.

    1. I agree that I’d like longer shows, and now that we’re paying I’d think we deserve longer shows, but they’re doing more shows now that we’re paying, so more longer shows doesn’t seem to work out, mathwise. I just hope the shows don’t get unnaturally cut up because of time constraints.

      1. When recording, we aren’t thinking “We MUST stop at 32 minutes” it’s just when we meet a natural conclusion. And so far, when recording these, we’ve found we’ve pretty much covered everything we’ve wanted to by 30-ish minutes

        1. The way Chris phrased it on the show made it sound like the goal was to keep the episodes under half an hour. I doubt anyone wants you to drag out the conversation arbitrarily, we would simply prefer that you don’t feel obligated to cut it short either. You guys are all awesome, keep up the great work and Hank, from one gay nerd to another, Keep reaching for that Rainbow!

  3. (I’m saying this with love, as a long-time fan)
    There really has to be a better name. Even if you have to rip off Talking Dead as a title, Talking Springfield sounds better.
    High on Springfield? I know it sounds too much like a pot reference but it really works as a play on Eye on Springfield and a celebration of The Simpsons.
    What about Channel 6? That’s the Eye on Springfield and Krusty the Clown channel!
    Inanimate Carbon Rod easily turns into Inanimate Carbon Pod-Cast.

    The name of the show rips off a play on words which makes it seem even more weak.

    If you don’t want to do a play on words, Springfield Sundays sounds better, the show always came out on Sundays, have the podcast always come out on Sundays.
    Personally, I would have called it Yellow Fever.

    I know you want to get listeners beyond the scope of current Lasertime listeners, so there’s a reason for having a stupid, derivative name, but since this is already a PATREON EXCLUSIVE, pretend you’re a fan and everyone who listens to the show is already a fan.

    Talking Simpsons is a name that panders to the wrong audience.

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