Kickstart the Dark Souls-shmup mashup featuring music from Dotflist!


Laser Time’s favorite musician is working a videogame that you can help Kickstart for 1/1000th the amount of Shenmue 3! Read on to learn more about (and listen to) Dark Stars – a space shooter inspired by Dark Souls and featuring the music of Erik “Dotflist” Helwig!

Hi all! Dave here with a note about another neat crowd-funding venture besides Laser Time’s Patreon. If you’re a frequent listener of Laser Time’s wide spectrum of shows, you’ve probably heard a song from Dotflist, whether it’s his amazingly transcendent renditions of TV show themes, his ultimate ode to the internet, or even the theme to… Laser Time’s Patreon! After the hours of auditory wonder he’s provided the world, we’re champing at the bit to help support our favorite musician, and just such an opportunity has come up; Dotflist is working on a videogame via Kickstarter! The pitch video is below.

Along with lead designer Alex Hiatt and writer Adam, Eric “Dotflist” Helwig will contribute the soundtrack to Dark Stars, providing a brooding tone befitting the game’s concept. Inspired by Dark Souls, this space shooter doesn’t actually feature any guns on your ship. Instead, you’ll have to move into close proximity of enemy ships and sap souls from nearby spacecraft. Once you’ve aquired enough, you can unleash special powers like invulnerability from enemy projectiles, easier attraction to enemy souls, quicker draining from nearby ships, and other yet-to-be-revealed functions. It’s certainly different from the norm, and just the kind of awesomely unique concept we’d expect from Dotflist.

Unlike another recent Kickstarter game, which asked for two million goddamn dollars from the gaming public, Dark Stars needs but a paltry $2,000 to become a reality and will release on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and PC. A sweet shmup concept featuring great music for 1/1000th of the price? It’d be a crime if this wasn’t funded by its Friday, July 17 deadline. It’s already more than a quarter of the way there, and with rewards like the soundtrack and a customized Dotflist song available as rewards, there’s plenty to appease potential Kickstarter-ers. At the very least, head over to the Dark Stars Kickstarter page and listen to the new, original sample track our pal has cooked up. Good luck, Dotflist and friends!

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