Laser List: 5 Lesser Known Shared Universes

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Life isn’t all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the world of Pixar. There are plenty of other movies, TV shows, video games, and comics that share a universe too — they’re just not as popular.

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4 thoughts on “Laser List: 5 Lesser Known Shared Universes

  1. You’re Next and the Guest are the saviors of throwback 80s horror cinema and I have watched them like 10 times a piece. Having said that; I never picked up on the connection between the two films till now. Another great and informative video Sir, thank you brotha!

    1. And technically the Justified TV show happens in that same universe. There was a connection, I am just forgetting what it is now… something Raylan says about working for the Marshall’s in Florida connects to another series about Jlo’s character Karen Sisco (played by Carla Guigno) which was set in Florida.

      Plus its all based on Elmore Leonard’s work so maybe that is enough of a connection.

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