Laser Time – The Most Lovable Robots


The most huggable cyborgs, nonlethal robots, adorable androids, and/or mechanical AI beings pop culture has ever forged.


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21 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Most Lovable Robots

  1. Seems like this ep will be keeping up LT’s 2015 level of quality.

    Side note, am I the only one who kinda liked Chappie? It’s not exceptional or anything, but i think its 31 on Rotten Tomatoes is ridiculous.

  2. I’ve been watching The Venture Bros. again so I’ve got to mention H.E.L.P.eR.
    Also, he’s very non-friendly, but if we’re talking robots my all-time favourite robot will always be Starscream.

  3. You know when you are with your people when you hear Zuntata’s Daddy Mulk wailing away in the background.

  4. having never heard of the short circuit films (18, english) I somehow got linked to the scene where the robot gets the absolute shit beaten out of him with crowbars and axes. The way it was screaming “I’m alive” really fucking disturbed me and to this day is the source of an actual recurring nightmare in which I am trapped inside the robot. Am I just a pussy or it that a really fucked up scene to be in a kids film?

  5. I was not a fan of Chappie as a movie, but I didn’t have a problem with the fact that he talked. If anything, Chappie would have been a better movie if Die Antwoord didn’t talk.

    1. I totally agree. Die Antwoord are horrible actors and didn’t deserve as much screen time as they got. Also, whoever was in charge of Hugh Jackman’s wardorbe and hair made should have been banned from the set. That person made someone who is near universally considered a luscious piece of man meat look like crap.

  6. Amazing Stories is on Netflix still, as far as I know. I was a little worried it would be crappy, I don’t remember it too much from when I was a kid, but it was pretty good. Quite a bit of variety, a bit of Twilight Zone, a bit of Spielberg, even a bit of Tales from the Crypt or Tales from the Darkside.

    How did Chappie learn any words or phrasing he wasn’t told? He started with no knowledge of language, but somehow taught himself things that he had no way of piecing together. And why was his accent different from the people who taught him? He didn’t say “rrrat” like the Die Antwoord lady did in the clip.

  7. uh… so WHY didn’t we get an animation podcast through patreon? THAT would have been GREAT! you guys devolve into animation talk tooooo much to keep it from us for too much longer. that should have been 7K instead of the shit show. jus’ sayin.

    hm… i liked this episode, but man, I feel like there MUST be a bunch of friendly robots you guys missed. i just cant think of them. guess that happens. haha
    well, you definitely should come back to this topic in 2015. or at least do unfriendly robots. yeah?

  8. Couldn’t help but notice Henry’s remarks about Stanley Kubrick when they talked about A.I and him getting things wrong about that movie. I’m sick and tired of the lazy assumptions people in general on the internet have of Kubrick and how they call Kubrick “Cold” or “Heartless” and it reeks of ignorance and shows they’ve never seen his filmography. Barry Lyndon is the most emotional and heartfelt movie ever, it’s about a young man falling in love with a countess during 17th Century France. If Lasertime ever does a podcast about Stanley Kubrick I will gladly offer my services in every way possible because one of my goals in life is for everyone in the universe to understand how amazing Kubrick is, I’m not being sarcastic or satirical either.

    1. Also my first dvds were Replacment killers, the Big hit and the van damme duece biggalow action vehicle the Knock off! They came with a rca divix dvd player my dad got at a pawn shop. Also Mrs. Doubtfire was the divix dvd inside the player when we booted it up! Divix, ahead of its time yo!

  9. Thought for a second the title was “Most Lovable Reboots” which would actually be an interesting subject to tackle considering how despised the concept tends to be.

  10. Thanks for referencing *batteries not Included. That movie was probably one of the first movies I got obsessed with. I used to clue paper plates together and try to make versions of the robots with paperclip appendages. My first fan art easily.I always wanted the robots to be real and to hang out with me. My favorite was the lil hamburger looking one with the big red eyes.

  11. Johnny 5 all goddamn day. I saw the him in a tour of Universal as a kid. the guide didn’t even mention him. he was talking about some other shit, and here I am freaking out like “mother fucker, we are in the presence of Johnny 5, acknowledge that!”

  12. You guys may or man not have mentioned him, I might have missed it as work while I listen to you, but did you remember the little floating robot on Disney’s ‘Blackhole’?

    BTW, you guys are awesome! 🙂

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