MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE goes… Back to the Future!


We’re time traveling for our second-ever Monday Night Movie, as we do LIVE commentary for the hit sci-fi comedy in honor of its 30th Anniversary. Join in on the chat at 6PM PST and watch with us for FREE!

What is the Monday Night Movie? Well, we’ve been making stuff for the web for almost a decade now and we’re always on the look out for new ways to experience the stuff we love together, as technology takes a big advantageous shit all over traditional avenues of entertainment. If someone told you millions of people would be watching others play video games 20 years ago, you probably would’ve spit Crystal Pepsi all up in their face.

The same could be said about a rinky-dink podcast operation supporting itself via movie commentaries! So Monday Night Movies is basically our attempt at marrying those two ideas. Let’s take the live, participatory element of video game live streams and combine them with commentating over new and classic movies we all love, maybe even hate, and/or are maybe just curious about and don’t want to watch alone. Plain and Simple: We want to watch a movie with you. Every week.

Okay, so obviously we can’t go and stream a movie on Twitch or YouTube, but these will essentially function the same as all our other movie commentaries, Rifftax, or any other unofficial movie commentaries you may’ve experienced. We’ll let you know a sync point, and then we’ll all start watching a movie at the exact same time. Chat feedback may be a bit delayed, but we’ll still be bringing the same dynamic fun and poop joke of a game stream to another activity we all love doing anyway. You know how Twitter lights up during season finales? MTM is like that without the time zone disparity and higher quality control! (Does anybody remember my attempt at this experience years ago with #LiveNimh via Twitter? Seriously, that was fun as hell.)

Will it work? It did last week, so… probably! Since we’re still working out some kinks, we’ll be doing a bit of a “soft launch” and you can play along for FREE. Better still, all Patreon donors under the $5 tier will be receiving an MP3 commentary of the Monday Night Movie experience to enjoy at their leisure. All you need to do is procure a copy of the movie and have a computer with access to an internet connection. It’d be nice if you purchased it through our Amazon, but let us know if you need help finding “free options.”


Back to the Future
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Can you believe this week marks the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future? We can, of course, because we’re super-old and huge fans of this, the greatest time-travel movie of all time (suck it, Bill and Ted). To celebrate, we’re gonna watch the first movie in the trilogy and probably bring up even more obscure Back to the Future trivia.

We actually have a complete schedule made up of the movies we’ll be watching together, with a couple of slots open for wildcards, Patreon donors, and anything else happening in the zeitgeist. If you don’t want to participate in our Patreon, that’s cool (*hides seething resentment*) MTM movie commentaries will be available a la carte over on our Bandcamp page. But do you really want to miss out on reactions like these?

Again, we’re in the “soft launch” or testing phase, but come hell or high water, we’ll be watching the shit out of Back to the Future at 6PM Pacific today and you should too.

Thanks again, everyone.

7 thoughts on “MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE goes… Back to the Future!

  1. Hey guys, excited for the stream tonight.

    One thing you have to be careful though is Twitch is pretty strict about having gaming content at all times during the stream and are quite stingy about streaming movies as I’m sure you’re aware. Being as you’re not super high profile you might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later you guys might get the banhammer slapped on ya.

    Either way, got my movie qued up, gon’ b a gud night

  2. i couldn’t talk in the chat because I had to live watch/listen to this while working. but I still enjoyed the heck out of it. I really REALLY want you guys to watch BTTF part 2 in October when the movie takes place. hat would be SO awesome!

    also… the extra streaming bit at the end was GOLD. Grimm is the best, on maybe some other accidental stream footage you might hear some horrible story about some dude being predatory on a pretty woman but NOPE, not Grimm. just being a nice guy. yay! that unguarded moment made me smile the MOST.

    and why didn’t you guys announce this on Patreon? I was waiting for the message to pop up on my tablet when it started to remind me and it didn’t so I was super late when I remembered.

  3. Damn I got sucked into Rocksmith last night and completely forgot about this. I’ll definitely check it out when the mp3 comes out though. BTTF is one of my favorite movies and I’m definitely overdue for watching it again.

  4. I really enjoyed this commentary and I think it had the right mix of the crew’s commentary and comments from the chat. I like the occasional pop in for the chat but I’m more interested in the crew’s thoughts and jokes.

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