Quiplash – We’re Streaming The Newest Game From The Creators Of Fibbage


This week’s Tuesday stream gets all kinds of current with the just released Quiplash, the newest game from Jackbox. See how fun (or not) it is at 3PM PST (6PM Eastern)!

[UPDATED: Check out the YouTube archive of our hilarious Quiplash outing after the break. Be forewarned… it gets a little blue.]

4 thoughts on “Quiplash – We’re Streaming The Newest Game From The Creators Of Fibbage

  1. The audience participation factor is great! I had a lot of fun… right until Twitch decided to completely nuke on my end. I’m not the only one it happened for, so I 100% blame Twitch on this one. Still, I hope it happens again… maybe a monthly or even weekly Quiplash night as a Patreon goal?

  2. I can’t believe I missed this 🙁 Could you guys promise more Jackbox stuff in the near future? It’d be so fun to play with all you guys

    1. We had a great time. I could totally see this becoming part of the regular rotation, like something we play for the last half hour.

  3. had lots of fun with you guys on stream again, i always do but when we are all participating together instead of just being a viewer it becomes more fun. trying to be funny under preassure is a lot harder than it looks.

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