3 thoughts on “Terminator Genesis Is Streaming Today – Watch Us Fight Skynet

  1. Many many years ago, I had the opportunity to purchase a working Terminator aracde cabinet from my local Aladins castle but had to pass it up since at 14, I didn’t have a car. Still one of my biggest regrets next to seeing Oscar in theaters over Father of the bride! Love ya Sly but dear god man!!!!

  2. all three games are horrible. I couldn’t imagine what the 24 hour stream shit show comprised of horrible games. but the commentary will be funny of course

  3. Hemdale was the name of the production company that produced The Terminator.

    Fun fact: each Terminator movie was made by a different production company/movie studio combination:

    T1 – Hemdale/Orion Pictures
    T2 – Carolco/TriStar
    T3 – Intermedia & C2/WB
    T4 – Halcyon/WB
    T5 – Skydance/Paramount

    And with the exception of Skydance, all of those other production companies are out of business.

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