Extended Ant-Man Trailer Leads Marvel Film News Pre-Comic-Con


See the longest chunk of Ant-Man yet, plus find out who’ll soon be playing Aunt May and Elektra…

News from comic books and their related media is getting hotter and hotter each hour as San Diego Comic-Con gets ready to begin. Not only are the first reviews and impressions of Ant-Man hitting the web – thanks to ANOTHER Marvel film opening in Europe before the US – but there’s a new, long look at the film. It showcases the extended cast more than ever before, along with the movie’s interesting sense of humor…

Ant-Man currently has a 64/100 on Metacritic, which is a bit lower than what Marvel films normally get, though I’m still staying positive on it for the moment, because I like so many of the people involved. Also, apparently there’s a big spoiler out there for a cameo, so be careful around the internet folks, because the cat is out of the bag on this one.

Speaking of secrets being out, it’s worth noting some other big Marvel news of the past couple days. First off, Elektra has not only been confirmed to appear in season 2 of Daredevil’s Netflix series, but the Greek ninja has already been cast. Playing the part is relative newcomer Elodie Yung. She doesn’t have many credits to her name, but one of her few makes her a fitting choice. She played Jinx in the second G.I. Joe film, a fact that actually makes me want to see the sequel at long last.


Going from one crimson-clad fictional woman to another. Smart casting, it would seem.

Lastly, in a bit of more surprising casting news, rumors say that Marisa Tomei will be playing Aunt May in the 2017 Spider-Man reboot. If true, this would make her by far the youngest woman to play May Reilly/Parker/Jameson. The Oscar winner is famous for My Cousin Vinnty, In The Bedroom, and Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, and she’ll be 52 by the time the film is released. Unless the producers plan to use a lot of aging makeup, this more vivacious Aunt May likely won’t be as prone to fainting spells and hospital trips as the woman Stan Lee and Steve Ditko first put to paper.


And this is likely just the start of the Comic-Con news to come. Expect trailers, reveals, announcements and more as the days count down. And we at Laser Time will try our best to keep you informed about the coolest stuff. We’d hate to let down all the supporters of the Laser Time Patreon!

5 thoughts on “Extended Ant-Man Trailer Leads Marvel Film News Pre-Comic-Con

  1. Trying to avoid watching any more Ant-Man, after all the trailers and talk about Age of Ultron kinda left me with no surprises. Unfortunately, I did already have the Avenger cameo ruined…

    In any case, I’m glad to see Elektra will be brought into Daredevil, though I can’t say I’ve seen the actress before. I’m cool with the Aunt May casting, though it is semi-weird to be attracted to her…

  2. Aunt May huh? I’ve had a thing for Marisa Tomei since I heard her talking about cars in court…so sexy

  3. Paul Rudd is enough of a reason for me to think Ant-Man will be good. I’ve enjoyed him in every role I’ve seen him in.

  4. Marisa Tomei acting at 52? Damn, I’m surprised they haven’t already kicked her out of Hollywood for being “too old” for the big screen. She is absolutely gorgeous, always has been and you gotta love her in My Uncle Vinny. I’ve never felt great about Ant-Man as a movie. In my gut it feels like a 6 out of 10. If the actual movie can match the score in my head I’m sure I’ll be happily surprised. BTW, the youtube video has been removed.

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