Zardoz Should Be Remade by Tim and Eric

There seems to be a flurry of reboots and sequels nowadays. From Jurassic World to Terminator Genisys to the recently released Ghostbusters pics, it seems no franchise is safe from the looming specter of remaking. No franchise, that is, except… Read more

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Vidjagame Apocalypse 120 – Hollywood Cameos

The Predator’s arrival this week in Mortal Kombat X isn’t exactly unprecedented, considering that the skull-collecting alien hunter has been the ultimate crossover star since the ’90s. But he’s not the first Hollywood character to make an appearance in an… Read more

By Wikiparaz | 17

Cape Crisis #145 – Altered Images

Henry and Dave are joined by the super-fun Polygon writer and Image Expo expert Danielle Riendeau to discuss last week’s big event for Image announcements, along with some big news, talk of Terminator vs. Jurassic Park, our fave ninja turtles,… Read more

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