The Back to the Future comic reveal is exciting AND depressing


An IDW-published four-issue Back to the Future comic was announced at Comic-Con, but due to the quirks of time travel, the reveal wasn’t all it was destined to be.

As Cape Crisis‘ least-informed comic consumer, I was sure San Diego Comic-Con would come and go without any announcements piquing my interest. Fortunately, my favorite sci-fi trilogy picked up the slack. No, not that Star Wars malarkey! I’m talking about Back to the Future!

If you haven’t read my collection of weird BTTF trivia or synced my thoughts with your copy of the film via Laser Time’s FREE Back to the Future commentary, you might not know my deep love for the time-travel-trilogy, but it’s without a shadow of a doubt my favorite film franchise, so when I heard about a canon-expanding comic, I had my best of show for Comic Con already picked. While I haven’t wavered from that view, I wish the announcement could have been a bit smoother.

You see, in a clever bit of marketing that certainly differentiated the announcement from the glut of dry press releases associated with any convention, IDW did a bit of time traveling and made a post-Comic Con announcement trumpeting the future hullabaloo Back to the Future’s comic reveal caused, including a time-traveling “Biff Tannen” making an appearance with the completed book in hand!

As a person who’s followed the behind-the-scenes goings-on surrounding the Back to the Future series, I know that besides Crispin Glover, the only other major actor in the series who shies away from BTTF publicity nowadays is the actor who played Biff, Tom Wilson. The concept of Wilson reprising his role for the first time since 1991’s Back to the Future: The Ride shot my anticipation even higher, but unfortunately the future doesn’t always pan out the way you expect and the Back to the Future comic was completely absent from IDW’s Comic-Con panel.


On the bright side, the comic itself still sounds pretty neat, as the mixture of canon-adding stories like Marty and Doc’s first meeting, filling in the blanks for certain characters during their off-screen moments, and alternate-timeline adventures should make for a rollicking four-issue set. With the original trilogy’s writer Bob Gale at the helm, you know it will follow the rules of the movies to the letter. I have plenty of faith that it will do well by the movie series as Gale and Robert Zemeckis have been selective about adding new story to the Back to the Future universe, denying a film reboot and creating a “>Back to the Future game series via Telltale Games.

Even if the announcement wasn’t up to snuff, I have high hopes that Marty and Doc’s hand-drawn adventures will be better in 2015 than the ill-fated 1991 animated series. The first issue (cover shown below) will release on October 21st 2015, the ACTUAL day Marty McFly arrived at in Back to the Future Part II (sorry, your Facebook feed has been lying to you). You can bet we’ll also be celebrating when that milestone arrives, as I’ll make sure at least one of our weekly Patreon-only live-streamed commentaries will be dedicated to the Back to the Future sequels. Want to take part in those and also get additional audio goodness like wrestling commentaries and bonus episodes of Laser Time? Support Laser Time via Patreon!


6 thoughts on “The Back to the Future comic reveal is exciting AND depressing

  1. I’m not the biggest BTTF fan, but I do love the first two movies enough to warrant me checking this comic out. Here’s hoping it’s “heavy” (in a good way)

  2. Looks pretty cool! Also I had no idea the BTTF animated series existed until very recently.. When is there gonna be an “animated series based on live action movies” episode of LaserTime?

  3. They just need to do one last film while the whole cast is still around. MJF was totally legit in Rescue Me and his medical condition could be worked into the story line as a side effect of time traveling.

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