This Ash Vs. Evil Dead Trailer Is Worth The 20-Year Wait


Dreams DO come true, even if they’re full of Deadites raised by the Necronomicon…

2015 has been a year of impossibilities, and no, I’m not just using this as a way to hype the Laser Time Patreon. I spent decades thinking I’d never see a Final Fantasy VII remake, or Shenmue 3, or more X-Files, or an Ant-Man film. And another impossibility was an Evil Dead 4. The comedic-horror franchise is one of my all-time favorites, but I figured the aging Bruce Campbell would never again don his signature chainsaw with the in-demand director Sam Raimi. And yet, we got this trailer at Comic-Con 2015…

Yes, technically this isn’t Evil Dead 4, the film director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell said they’d never do, but this 10 episode TV series honestly sounds like a better deal. Now we’ve got the extra time to catch up with Ash and see what the aging pretty boy has been up to. The answer is that his personality seems virtually unchanged, while his body reflects a man of a certain age. Using Raimi’s quick cuts to show Ash suiting up with a leather girdle is the first of many awesome old guy jokes, and Ash’s still being a Boomstick-wielding badass while also being an old loser who still works as a cashier is fantastic. Also, because the series is on Starz, it’s as R-rated as it needs to be – it wouldn’t be Evil Dead if Bruce Campbell wasn’t swearing and coated in fake blood. Plus, I like him teaching his Necronomicon battling skills to a couple scared kids who likely weren’t even alive when Army of Darkness was in theaters.

Ash vs. Evil Dead’s newest addition to the series feels like someone who has been there all along: Lucy Lawless. Like Bruce Campbell, Lawless is a cult figure of the ’90s via her role as Xena, Warrior Princess. And she’s got a deeper connection to Sam Raimi than most realize. Raimi and show producer Rob Tapert oversaw the entire Xena/Hercules universe, which was what first drew me to the syndicated series back in the day. I like silly action as much as the next person, but knowing that Bruce Campbell was in both series as recurring rogue Autolycus was the real draw for me. Then I saw Lucy Lawless wearing an Army of Darkness shirt in a late ’90s interview, waaaaaaay before it was mainstream to be a fan of that film, and I knew she was one of us. I can’t wait to see her and Campbell rekindle this type of chemistry in the world of Evil Dead.

So yeah, Comic-Con hosted a ton of big announcements for Star War and Batman and Spider-Man, but I don’t think anything else is a groovy as this trailer. Now I just need to find a way to watch Starz before Ash vs. Evil Dead’s Halloween premiere… Maybe if I say the magic words… klaatu barada nik*cough*… What, I got it MOSTLY right!

12 thoughts on “This Ash Vs. Evil Dead Trailer Is Worth The 20-Year Wait

  1. I saw this yesterday, I can’t wait. The trailer looks great. I’m curious though how Ash made it back to the present from the future after he drank too much sleeping potion…

    1. Isn’t that just the alternate ending? Otherwise in the theatrical version of Army of Darkness, he just ends up back at S-Mart in the “present.”

  2. The best blast from the past of all time! Expendables I love ya but you failed 3 times, Terminator Genisys you definitely shit the bed; but this trailer looks like the real deal! “Let the boomstick do the talking!”

  3. This looks so freaking awesome. As a big fan of Raimi and Campbell, I couldn’t be more excited for this show.

  4. This trailer is the best thing that has ever happened anywhere in the whole history of everything ever.

  5. I admit I wasn’t a huge Evil Dead fan. Army of Darkness was the only movie in that trilogy that I enjoyed, but I’ll be damned if that trailer doesn’t look f’ing amazing!

  6. This is gonna be great.

    Already know Bruce can still be badass even when playing and old man thanks to Bubba Hotep.

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