Leaked Deadpool Trailer Looks Fantastic Even Off An iPhone Camera


That hilarious, foul-language, ultra violent Deadpool film you dreamed of? This might just be it…

Henry Gilbert again, of Cape Crisis fame (brought to you by the Laser Time Patreon), and I think San Diego Comic-Con has a definite security problem. First there was the leaked trailer for Suicide Squad, and now we’ve got our first real taste of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool film via a not-so-great iPhone cam. But even in this primitive form, this still looks like the best Marvel film Fox has ever made…

We’ve got swears, we’ve got murder, we’ve got dirty jokes, we’ve got a Weapon X program, and we have one of the most accurately awesome comic book costumes films have ever seen. For real, other than maybe the slightly maudlin cancer stuff at the start, THIS is the Deadpool film I’ve always wanted to see but never expected to. I had hopes that Reynolds could do it based on his brief, non-mouth sewn shut scenes in X-Men Origins, but I never thought a big budget film could actually get it right. Hell, if it wasn’t for leaked test footage of the movie last year, this film would never have come to be. And it looks like this new movie has kept that spirit alive.

Is this the best trailer you’ve seen out of Comic-Con? Think this and X-Men: Apocalypse can challenge the MCU and DC films of next year? Will 2015 be the best year ever for comic book films? And did you ever think Ryan Reynolds could be this good in the role of Deadpool? I want to hear all about it in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Leaked Deadpool Trailer Looks Fantastic Even Off An iPhone Camera

  1. Fucking amazing, I cannot wait for this! Of all the movies coming out next year this is probably my most anticipated. I love Deadpool and I’ve been wanting Reynolds to do one for years but this is looking better than I could have hoped for. I just hope it ends up living up to my expectations at this point. Also, I love the quip “don’t make the suit green, or animated!”

  2. Looks legit but that is def not the same actor that played Colossus in the other Xmen films! As a bodybuilder I enjoyed Daniel Cudmores build for the role and am saden to see an obvious cg Peter Rasputin.

  3. Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

    I just…I was already all in on this movie, but now I am ALL CAPITAL IN.

  4. I have to say, Hank, the cancer stuff is kind of central to the character. What I consider “prime” Deadpool (really, the Gail Simone era Deadpool) isn’t the balls-out “CHIMICHANGAS, RIGHT GUYS??” Deadpool. There was some of that, but it was rooted in some MAJOR pain. I’m really happy to see that it seems like they got the tone of it, so far.

  5. This is probably the only movie that incoropating DMX’s ‘X Gonna Give It To Ya’ makes perfect sense.

  6. im all for comedies like this in this sea of gritty reboots and typical dark dc adaptations, this looks like a blast.

  7. Some of those jokes were painfully bad (face fucked a map of utah). I hope the next trailer has better material than an adam sandler movie.

  8. Words cannot express how hard I will watch this movie. It wont be able to walk after, Im gonna watch it so hard. so far im least excited for suicide squad.

  9. This is incredibly promising. I wasn’t sure if they were going to officially integrate it into the X-Men film universe, but I’m impressed they’ve actually brought in one of the more obscure mutants, named after a song by Monster Magnet, one of my favorite bands! And did I hear a slam against Rob Liefeld in there? I hope this turns out to be as sweet as it looks.

  10. I am so excited they’re including Blind Al (Deadpool’s grumpy old lady-hostage-housekeeper)! It really feels like they’re going for the authentic Deadpool experience with this. Looks great!

    If this thing does well, I really hope they expand with Cable and X-Force movies.

  11. I feel they have a very fine line between comedy and seriousness they need to walk with this.
    If they lean too far into the comedy I think it could be painful. Some of the lines from this trailer were funny but others had me cringing.
    That’s a pretty great costume but in motion here it looks a little strange. Could just be because it’s shot off a phone.

  12. did… did he say fuck Liefeild in that one scene? that’s crazy! I would think if Deadpool had anything to say about Liefeild it would be “K, thanks for life” and that would be it. nothing more said on the subject. we wouldn’t have this movie today if it wasn’t for Rob being who he was back then.

  13. “Am I out of touch? No, it’s the children who are wrong.”

    Maybe I just don’t like Deadpool that much, but that dialogue sounds like a 14 year-old writing his first punk song. Visually it looks great, I just cringed when it came to the dialogue.

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