Suicide Squad’s Comic-Con Footage Has Leaked And You Want To See It


[UPDATE: Official HD trailer has now embedded!]

See the Joker in all his tattooed splendor…

Henry Gilbert again, of Cape Crisis fame (brought to you by the Laser Time Patreon), and I have a special update from San Diego Comic-Con with a leak straight from Hall H. Not only did Warner show its new trailer for Batman V. Superman, but they also had the first trailer for 2016’s other DC film, Suicide Squad. Only Warner hasn’t unleashed this one to the world yet, but as is the case with everything Suicide Squad, this one leaked early thanks to a stealthy filmer. Funnily enough, the film’s director actually jokes about the trailer leaking online before it plays…

First off, Margot Robbie looks fan-freaking-tastic as Harley Quinn, as the casting seems to be spot-on there. Will Smith seems ok as his bad guy with a heart of gold thing, though does every character he plays have to be a dad? The rest of the squad looks ok, and I’m really into Viola Davis as the tough-as-nails Amanda Waller, as well as seeing flashes of Batman from what I’m guessing takes place before the actual film. However, is there a bigger trailer cliche these days than a child covering a pop song, in this case the Bee Gees’ most depressing song?

Then, at the end, we get our first real look at Jared Leto’s Joker in motion. He’s shirtless, and despite some people’s doubts, those tattoos are all too real. He’s definitely playing one of the creepiest Joker’s in live action history, and I’m interested to see how he plays off Margot is later scenes. But yeah, seriously, I told you so on those tats being real.

This and Batman/Superman together have really raised my expectations for DC’s slate of films. Do you think they’ll have a better 2016 than Marvel’s one-two combo of Civil War and Dr. Strange? How do you feel about Jared Leto’s Joker now that you’ve gotten a full taste? I want to hear all about it in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Suicide Squad’s Comic-Con Footage Has Leaked And You Want To See It

  1. This seems alright. I’m not terribly excited but I’m definitely way more interested than before.
    I kind of want to know more about what they’re actually assembling the Suicide Squad to do.
    You’d figure that this would take place after Batman/Superman so I wonder if anything crazy happens in that movie that will effect this one?

    1. “You may remember me from such movies as ‘Shark Tale’, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ and ‘Stop The Wild Wild West, I Want To Get Off’.”

  2. I will reserve judgement until the movie comes out, but I really don’t expect much. These trailers aren’t really anything that special, especially if they are showing us the best parts of the movie (like most trailer do). I think people are letting themselves get hyped up because they want to enjoy the movies, and that is the surest way to be VERY disappointed when it releases and is just and “okay” movie.

  3. I still don’t really have much faith in Suicide Squad after this trailer. I want to be excited and not cynical about the DCEU, and that Batman V Superman trailer was awesome, but this one did nothing for me.

  4. Seeing the film in action makes me turned off for the film. I was very excited for the movie and seeing that this movie can be great, but I feel it is more dark and brooding than it should be. I am still excited to see the Harley Quinn and joker dynamic as I think this joker will be really good. Also the trailer didn’t really establish who these bad guys are fighting, who is worse than them that the government is making them do this.

  5. The trailer quality while poor did peak my interest. I’m more interested in the Suicide Squad that Batman V Superman at this point. But the bar has been set very high for the joker so I’m going in with low to moderate expectations. It will be an interesting year to say the least.

  6. Once it gets an official release, I will judge the trailer. I’m fine Joker and Harley but it looks like this could be the beginning of the end for Will Smith’s career.

  7. Again with the sour tone DC… that said out of all of the planned films, SS does have the most potential if only for being outside the box.

  8. Really looking forward to it, but hoping that Harley gets to be humorous-crazy more in the movie.

    Always said that I’m fine with the tats as long as the performance is great, and I’m liking how current-comic Joker Leto’s looking.

  9. sorry but this movie is so over hyped for me that i have become sick of it already, i dont care what leto is doing on set just shut up about the filming of it until its finished.

  10. Still not sure what to make of this film, but… I think I’ve grown used to Leto’s Joker at this point. That infamous promo shot helped to prepare us for how he looks in action, and after the wave of derisive press washed away, we can look at it clearer. I guess the big question is whether he’ll even match Ledger, but time will tell.

    I’m unsure what to think about the rest of the film, though. The only thing I know about the Suicide Squad is that one Justice League Unlimited episode where they were called Task Force X and had Clock King as their mission control. Thus, this film needs Clock King to get me to see it!

  11. Glad I caught this before it’s inevitably pulled. Look’s fantastic, I can’t wait to see the DCCU get off the ground.

  12. Maybe I just can’t move on, but I just don’t think I’ll ever see anything better than nolanverses joker and batman. For the misses that series had i still think it’s the best cinematic hero universe

  13. The audio was horrible, but it’s to be expected. This sneak peek doesn’t do much for me so I’m still on the fence. Also, I’m still not convinced those costumes will look good on film. I’m looking forward to an actual trailer to come out.

  14. “We’re some kinda ‘Suicide Squad”


    Aside from that line, it looked like there were some cool parts. I’m really exicted to see Margot Robbie in this, she looks killer.

  15. Ugh….that dialog. “Let’s go save the world [mild sarcasm]”. “You know what they say about the crazy ones…” “We’re some kinda suicide squad?” All the crazy imagery is welcome – eyeball mask wearing gunmen, Harley shotgun pumping a baseball bat, Joker’s blinged out teeth. But if it’s wrapped up another bland Hollywood “unlikely hero” story with generic dialog and the opposite-of-subtle references, what a waste. That’s what this trailer looks like. Hopefully it’s just the trailer treatment.

  16. Now that the official version is embedded…
    Nope… Totally out because I can already feel the infamous Will Smith script edits creeping in.
    “Lets go save the world” and “We’re some kinda suicide squad” or “I get it, we’re patsy’s”
    Look he might have just picked to be in the movie because he is boinking Margot Robbie, but you can definitely feel him swinging his alpha movie star male weight around. And the last 5 years have definitely proven that to be a bad thing.

  17. Leto and Robbie look like they’ll be fantastic. Smith is doing his usual thing. The coolest thing in the trailer has to be one of the SS members shooting stuff up with a Batman mask on though.

  18. Official trailer is up!

    Much like the Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer, I’m loving the Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer.

    After watching the two trailers, the one thing that will help benefit the DC Cinematic Universe is the complete creative control given to the director of each film. For better or worse, these are a Zack Snyder film or a David Ayer film. Hopefully, this will allow DC films to be unique and fresh with each new entry.

    As a DC fan, I’m beyond excited and can’t wait for March and August 2016.

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