The Hilarious Ant-Man Easter Egg No One Is Talking About


SPOILERS for Ant-Man here, but if you’ve seen the movie, you still may have missed this deep (and very funny) reference to the tiny hero’s history…

As host of Cape Crisis, I take my position as Laser Time’s full-time comic book expert very seriously, even when I’m seeing the newest Marvel movie. I must be ever vigilant for references to a character’s history or some other morsel of trivia that the filmmakers drop in for mega-nerds like myself to catch. And Ant-Man certainly has a lot to find, but when I was checking many other lists of Easter eggs in the film, one is consistently overlooked – something I’m going to fix this very moment.

But, just in case you clicked on this accidentally, I’m giving you one final SPOILER WARNING if you don’t want this very brief moment spoiled for you. Ok, and… alright, time’s up!


So, right after Scott Lang uses the Ant-Man suit for the first time and shrinks down, he has a harrowing series of moments with everyday objects like pants and a vacuum cleaner. The scene ends with Lang being flung out of a window and crashing on a random taxi cab. The confused driver is none other than original Saturday Night Live star Garrett Morris.

Now, it’s always nice to see a seasoned comedian like Morris used for a funny moment in a film, but the connection is much deeper than people realize. You see, Morris is very likely the first person to ever be filmed playing Ant-Man! Garrett did it in a forgotten and incredibly geeky scene from March 17, 1979.

First off, this shows that on top of doing a ton of drugs, the original SNL writers were huge nerds for making a scene full of so many specific and accurate references to Marvel and DC stars. Second, even back then Ant-Man is played for laughs, because the idea of a dude who gets small to speak to insects is a bit goofy when you have to explain it. And Garrett Morris plays original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, pretty well for a one-off joke. Side note: Has there ever been better casting of a part than John Belushi as The Hulk?

Anyway, this is a reference SO MANY people have missed, probably because you have to be both a comic book nerd AND a comedy nerd to get it. It’s a lucky thing that the Laser Time crew traffics in both. In fact, we covered this scene before in a classic Cape Crisis podcast, which is why I felt the need to alert everyone to this important moment. We even ran down the best Saturday Night Live comic book sketches, which you should check out if you’re looking for an inside track on any future SNL cameos that may occur.

Much like Ant-Man himself, the moment may seem small and insignificant, but if you look a little closer, this Easter egg is much stronger than it appears. Now, go and use this little known trivia for GOOD!

8 thoughts on “The Hilarious Ant-Man Easter Egg No One Is Talking About

  1. Fascinating! I just watched Ant-Man last night, but I’d never have known if not for this article. Thanks for the cool insight!

  2. Thank you LaserTime for existing because when I saw that scene I quietly said to myself, “is that Garrett Morris?” I totally forgot about that SNL skit and it all makes sense now.

  3. I saw Garrett Morris and got a laugh out of seeing him and totally forgot he was Ant-Man in that skit.

  4. I figured there had to be a reason why they chose Garret Morris to make such a cameo, but I wasn’t interested enough to find out.

    Thanks for doing the work for me.

  5. Even though Garret Morris is the least funny original SNL cast member and by all accounts a huge dick, this makes me happy as a comic and SNL geek.

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