Laser Time – Fake Singers

What happens when fictional characters grab a microphone and starting singing about themselves? A hilarious paradox of dumb music, as well as perfectly good excuse for yet another Laser Time listening party!

By C.Ant | 24

Cheap Popcast # 54 – Taker Down to the Suplex City

Dave, Hank, Chris, and second-half-guest Anne Lewis discuss WWE Battleground’s better-than-expected matches and unexpected ending, before playing a game centered around wrestling’s weirdest move names.

By DaverTime | 6

Grading the Infinity Gauntlet Battle, Part 1

After the success of Ant-Man this weekend, we can all rest assured that the Marvel train is still rolling toward the Infinity War. But what about the original comic battle? How did those super-dudes fare? Spoilers ahead! But if you… Read more

By LaserTimeContributor | 4