Cheap Popcast # 54 – Taker Down to the Suplex City


Dave, Hank, Chris, and second-half-guest Anne Lewis discuss WWE Battleground’s better-than-expected matches and unexpected ending, before playing a game centered around wrestling’s weirdest move names.

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6 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast # 54 – Taker Down to the Suplex City

  1. Spoiler title? Love the podcast but come on, especially when you dance around in this weeks Laser Time plugs break.

  2. Loved the show as you guys were a bit higher on it then I was (didn’t help we were having streaming issues with the network on this night and I’m not a fan of the Owens Cena matches but that’s another discussion) but I have to take issue with two things that @hEnereyG about the triple threat match.

    1) Saying Sasha went with the ethnic team while ignoring the fact the Bella twins are half Mexican half Italian themselves on top of Alica Fox.

    2) You’re supposed to hate Nikki for taking DBry’s moves because she is shamelessly co opting them herself making us miss him more.

  3. Feel like ive been waiting forever for you guys to have an in depth talk about Lucha Underground, ESPECIALLY YOU DAVE! Fun Fact – LU is based on a manga that one of Robert Rodriguez’ friends wrote and drew for him (You should listen to Stone Colds podcast with one of the LU producers)

    1. I’ve already listened to that one AND the one with Johnny Mundo… LU has sunk its fangs in deep on me! I’m hoping to do an LU-focused Popcast around the season finale.

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