Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Has A New Trailer And Explains Itself (A Little)


Finally, some explanation for Pixar’s second film in 2015…

Henry Gilbert here, host of Cape Crisis (brought to you by the Laser Time Patreon), and someone who is just recovering from the emotional barrage that was Inside Out. That was the best Pixar film I’d seen in some time, and it’s definitely a hard act to follow, particularly when the successor comes out in a matter of months. But that’s the case with The Good Dinosaur, a film that Pixar had been keeping shrouded in mystery, which is standard procedure for the filmmakers. But now, at long last, we’ve got a full trailer that gives some much needed context…

That was a nice, lengthy trailer, but one with very little dialogue or exposition to explain what’s going on. From what I can piece together, it appears to be the classic surrogate parent story, with the hapless green brontosaurus(?) adopting this human in a world where a meteor never caused the terrible thunder lizards to go extinct. It’s a world of dinos, humans, and other mammals coexisting and (I have to assume) speaking English to one another. I don’t think I’ll connect to it as much as a little girl dealing with emotional turmoil, but hey, you never know.

Speaking of Inside Out, I was pleased to find that there were some fun shorts of the cast online that at least let me hang out with the characters/emotions a little longer. If you’ve yet to see them, check ’em out, then tell me what you thought of the new trailer in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Has A New Trailer And Explains Itself (A Little)

  1. I really liked the song that played during the Good Dinosuar trailer and it looks gorgeous. However, I do have some worries since the film has been heavily revised since it was first announced. Also, I wish they gave some clarity to the plot.

    1. EVERY damn Pixar movie has been heavily revised or changed directors/writers/everybody at some point. Toy Story 2 was a direct-to-video movie made by another studio! Ratatouille didn’t have Brad Bird anywhere near it! Monsters Inc didn’t have Mike and/or Sulley in it for ages! The Incredibles only had Syndrome become the main villain at almost the last minute! Brave had a different director, a different story and even a different story for a long time! Cars 2 was actually good at one point (maybe)!

  2. I’m surprised to see that the dinosaur appears that it’s going to be speaking in this. I kind of expected the caveman kid to have a voice while the dinosaur didn’t and it looks like they’re doing the opposite.
    Speaking of Inside Out, I didn’t love it. It was good and I enjoyed my time with it but I would rank it somewhere in the middle alongside other Pixar movies.
    I think I didn’t really like the world it took me to. My love for a lot of Disney/Pixar movies is about the awesome settings and places the movies take you, but for Inside Out the world inside Riley’s head is interesting, but there’s no real theme to it.
    But I’m being too mean, I loved the animation and the voice acting was excellent.

  3. oooh!
    I really like the super cartoon dinosaurs and other animals I’m seeing in this trailer. it looks fun.
    I wonder though, could proto humans even have survived in a place where dinosaurs were lumbering around? they would have just been all gobbled up by day 3 right?
    also, I could have SWORN early images or footage of this showed the proto human as an adult. so, I’m guessing we get to watch him grow up and the green dino is his mummy?
    it’s gonna break my heart when she dies and he strikes out on his own to be with other proto humans.
    gosh, that sounded more cynical than I meant for it to.

  4. oh you like this little cute dinosaur? well it’s going to either leave or die and you’ll end up crying because pixar likes to make you cry now.

  5. Nah I don’t think anyone’ll die. I think it’ll just get where it’s going and… re-unite with it’s family or something.

  6. I didn’t get a parent-child vibe from that trailer. It felt more like two companions trying to survive in the wilderness. Still, the trailer looks great and I hope it does well.

  7. Had no idea this was coming out, I’m curious how it will turn out. Especially since I read that the entire cast was swapped out and the film has undergone some serious redevelopment. But apparently Pixar has done that with Toy Story 2 and a couple other films as well.

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